Princess Mononoke

Princess-Mononoke-princess-mononoke-14520419-2064-1186Princess Mononoke is a Japanese fantasy anime about Ashitaka who is on a journey to find a cure for a demon’s curse. He finds himself in the midst of a war between the forest gods and a mining colony. On his journey he meets and falls in love with San, who lives life as a wolf in the forest.

Like a lot of anime films Princess Mononoke has always been regarded as one of the most stunning animations of all time. It’s beautiful to look at and bizarrely imaginative. Whether it’s intentional or not the film is actually quite humorous, the characters are all larger than life and the animation style while refined and not childlike does make it difficult to take seriously. 530208_orig

The film is very long at just over two hours and the weirdness of the film combined with its long run time makes it quite hard work. It requires levels of concentration that animated films usually do not, and like lots of anime films it’s aimed more at adults. Although Princess Mononoke is a PG, which many anime’s aren’t, it is quite dark.

A very imaginative storyline and beautiful animation are just two of the things this film boasts. While it is very bizarre, almost head-hurtingly so at times, Princess-Mononoke-princess-mononoke-14520398-1024-768this is a show of its imagination and makes it quite magical. It runs with a smooth, poetic feel and while it is at times humorous and it’s hard to tell whether that’s intentional or not, it’s a beautiful watch. The creatures and the animation is timeless and the age of the film doesn’t show; it’s surprising that it’s over ten years old.


4 thoughts on “Princess Mononoke

  1. One of the more complex treasures of Studio Ghibli. I don’t think this film will ever get old. Its message is still as important today as it was 10 years ago and I’m sure it will continue to be.


  2. This remains to this day one of the best and most disturbing of the Sudio Ghibli films. I love the concept of the stoyr and characters and the supernatural nature of the world these people inhabit and the animation, simply INCREDIBLE especially for a 90s film. I think the only reason I’m not so keen on it is due to the strange and sometimes quite weird visual stuff that goes down. But other than that this is definitely in their top 5 films!


    1. I need to watch more studio ghibli, this is the only anime I’ve seen so far but there’s lots I want to watch! Definitely impressed though and it’s made me want to watch more anime for sure 😀
      Yeah the weird visuals are quite hard work at times!


  3. I saw the English dub of this in the theatre when it came out. Wasn’t quite the first Japanese animated feature I’d seen, but it was close. Definitely a weird story, and I don’t think I completely grasped all of it, but it was certainly entertaining and a treat to look at.


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