Back to the Grindstone: Documentary Module 1 minute film task

One of the summer tasks for next years’ documentary module was to create a one minute film on any subject. The building on Devon’s rural villages, particularly the village in which I live which is featured in the video, is something I feel quite strongly about. This is half made up of videos and images I took myself and half archive footage as I wasn’t in Devon around the time of the protests so couldn’t get my own footage.
Permission has been granted for building in the village and permission is still being sought for other areas too, they want to build several hundred new houses. The village is small, accessed only by  tiny country roads. The primary school is full to capacity with no room to expand and the catchment secondary school is the same. The village floods badly when it rains, the last time it flooded water was as high as halfway up people’s downstairs walls and completely destroyed some of the houses on lower ground, kids went out the next morning to find pets had drowned in their cages and the elderly were stuck in the upstairs rooms of their homes until help came, and yet they want to build all over the fields which act as flood plane land. I’m no geography buff but even I know that the more concrete there is, the more flooding there will be.

The first few clips I shot in a field close to my home where I walk regularly, it’s peaceful and I often go there to get away from the built up areas and to be away from people. It’s peaceful and green, there’s lots of wildlife and it’s nice to just get away. All that will be gone if nothing is done about the shameless, greed fuelled building on green land and it pisses me off, hence my choice to use it as the subject for this video.

Documentary Module 1 Minute Film from Natasha Harmer on Vimeo.


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