Dead Souls

No animals, ghosts or people were harmed in the production of this motion picture.

ScreenShot826If an idiot protagonist who’s about as useful as a chocolate kettle is what you’re looking for, then look no further than 2012 under-the-radar horror Dark Souls

Dark Souls boasts a surprisingly inventive story that begins very brutally with a religious nut killing and crucifying his family before whacking nails into his own hands. Of course in typical horror film fashion there’s one member of the family left, a baby who’s placed in a drawer in the basement of the creepy old farmhouse by his caring older brother, which unfortunately means that the family’s plan to be granted the ‘gift’ of eternal life has failed, because they promised the entire family. Seventeen years later the baby is all grown up and has no idea about his real family, but he receives the deeds to the house on his eighteenth birthday and decides to go against his protective mother and travel to his real home. Cue all hell breaking loose. 2753_vlcsnap-2013-07-17-06h41m13s227

Director Colin Theys is only in his twenties, and already has a reasonable list of credits to his name, he obviously has a talent for horror and it’s likely we’ll see more of his work in the future. Dead Souls is a low budget horror done well and shows that there are still people out there capable of bringing something reasonably new to the table. Granted the story has more holes than a sieve and anyone paying attention will probably feel like their IQ dropped 10% by the time the film is over, but what Dead Souls does well is provide a slight glimmer of hope that the horror genre is not completely dead.

images (1)The protagonist is completely useless and this film will probably make you want to face palm at least twice. He not only leaves the room when he could easily help a guy who’s being strangled to death but he also sits in the car and allows the girl he’s just met (and likes, might I add) to also get strangled in the seat right next to him. He is one of the dorkiest, most ridiculous characters in a horror film ever and his uselessness and total oblivious nature is beyond comprehension for any normal human being with a conscience. Unfortunately despite being totally fucking useless, he lives to tell the tale.

The story has lots of holes and the characters are pretty one dimensional, and not to mention totally useless but Deadw4od Souls is an enjoyable film that actually conjures a pretty decent horror atmosphere. Colin Theys tackles something that a lot of horror films these days don’t; an original story; granted it’s not totally unique but it’s also not just regurgitating the same story we’ve seen countless times before. Theys might be the next big name in horror, or then again he might not, but Dead Souls at least provides an indication that people are still capable of coming up with decent new ideas.

13 thoughts on “Dead Souls

    1. Thanks 🙂 That’s weird, my Tremors review disappeared and replaced itself with Dead Souls…I swear this post was Tremors :S Now I can’t find it…that’s so odd xD


      1. haha that’s soo weird!! S: I’ve totally lost my Tremors review, it’s not even on my dashboard as a draft haha xD oh well, maybe it’ll come back! 😛


      1. I did too until just now. Tyson does a feature on his blog where he interviews the creative minds behind indie films, he’s a great blogger and a lovely chap to deal with. He made the offer ages ago! 😀


      2. Hm, I remember him messaging via my Facebook page, I’ll have to find some time to get back in touch. Although he said it was to feature indie horrors, and it’s not a horror per-se, so it might not be what he’s looking for XD I’ll get in touch though sometime soon 🙂 thanks for the reminder!!


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