The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

HauntingConnecticut_620_121212When title itself makes no sense, don’t expect much from the film. A haunting in Connecticut, but set in Georgia…so it’s not The Haunting in Connecticut 2 then, it’s the haunting in Georgia.

Sequel (sort of) of 2009 horror The Haunting in Connecticut, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia is directed by first time director and editor of the 2009 film Tom Elkins. Perhaps Mr Elkins should stick to editing in the future. It follows a different family, with a totally unrelated story in a completely different part of the US and is pretty much not a sequel at all. A young family moves into a creepy, run down home in 1993 but they’re no ordinary family. The women in the family; Lisa Wyrick (Abigail Spencer) her young daughter Heidi The-Haunting-in-Connecticut-2-Ghosts-of-Georgia1(Emily Alyn Lind) and her sister Joyce (Katee Sackhoff) can all see ghosts, and when they start seeing creepy stuff going on around the house, all hell breaks loose when Heidi, new to the whole seeing ghosts thing, meets the ghost of an old man who’s intentions are mistaken.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2 is a decent film to watch with friends when you fancy something to make you jump, especially if you or your friends are horror-lightweights, but for anyone looking for a decent horror film that’s not just mindless trash attempting to be scary then please, avoid this like the plague. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it has ‘The Haunting in Connecticut‘ in the title (the original film was actually quite good) because it’s nothing like it at all.

The-Haunting-in-Connecticut-2-The-Ghosts-of-Georgia-1The film is so stupid that at times it verges on comedic and is an example of a ‘true story’ horror film that just wants to exploit someone’s ghost story as mindless, untactful, brash entertainment. A jumble of stereotypical representations, with a sexed up cast that doesn’t resemble the real family at all it’s a typical example of Hollywood getting its claws into something that, in the right hands, could’ve been creative and interesting. When they show the picture of the real Wyrick family at the end of the film, it really makes you wonder where they got the idea for the cast from. A normal family, curvy women, a bigger but normal-looking guy somehow turned into two slim women that fit the media ideal of what’s attractive, dressed to show off their ‘assets’, and buff, six pack wearing Chad Michael-Murray. Yet another example of how shallow the film industry can be. The-Haunting-in-Connecticut-2-The-Ghosts-of-Georgia-3

Expect a clumsy first time attempt at a horror film that dances in the shadows of the original film, using its title to draw people in yet delivering something far from the original film. The casting is shoddy and is a perfect example of how shallow film can be, it’s not authentic and is almost face-palm inducing. A very, very predictable film that should be avoided by anyone above the age of sixteen with an interest in good horror.

2 thoughts on “The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

  1. My boyfriend doesn’t understand but The Haunting in Connecticut scared the hell of me. It was the reason I stopped watching horror for 2 2-3 years until recently. haha! I don’t even know why myself. This one though, doesn’t look too appealing.. haha! Awesome review 🙂


    1. haha really? I spose it is quite creepy, I don’t remember it too well though! I know I liked it but that’s about it
      Yeah this one isn’t so good!! Not really worth the effort to watch it!
      Thanks 😀


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