The Conjuring

]It’s not often that films based on true stories are praised by those the film is about, but in the case of James Wan’s latest haunted house flick The Conjuring, Lorraine Warren was a consultant on the film and has expressed high praise for the adaption.

The haunting of the Perron family is one of few cases that the Warrens refused to speak of; until now. Ed and Lorraine Warren, husband and wife paranormal investigation team, were called out to help a family experiencing paranormal activity back in 1971. 42 years later, Wan’s film adaption of the story stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the famous ghost hunting duo who have to face possibly the most disturbing case they’ve ever seen.

The Conjuring is every bit a James Wan film, he makes the genre his own and has really honed his talent. Not only does the r-THE-CONJURING-large570film hark back to moody horror films of the 70’s, which is apt considering the time in which it’s set, but it is also reminiscent of Wan’s earlier horror hit Insidious with its intrusive, wailing soundtrack that’s enough to set your teeth on edge. Wan builds a likeable, believable set of characters with an opening sequence that presents the Perron’s as a normal, happy family so unlike a lot of horror films we actually care what happens to them. The casting is brilliant, representing the Perron’s with all five children was a large undertaking and a risky move that the studio weren’t too happy about, but it makes the film all the more realistic and tense.

THE CONJURINGThe scenery and costume is all done to a T and looks beautifully authentic and the house is stunning yet eerie, no expense has been spared in creating the perfect horror film setting. Wan masters the technique of skipping a beat before delivering a crap-yourself jump-scare, making it impossible to judge when you need to bury your face in your hands, and the film is anything but predictable.

It’s high time a decent horror film was delivered to the cinemas and The Conjuring surpasses expectations and is completely deserving of the hype. With the amazing looking You’re Next coming out at the end of the month, it seems August 2013 is a good month for us horror fans. The Conjuring will give even the most hardened of horror watchers, like myself, a trip back in time to the days when horror films THE CONJURINGscared you witless and sent you behind the cushions in terror. James Wan is fast becoming a horror genius, and The Conjuring is definitely one to see in the cinemas. Just hold on to your popcorn!

17 thoughts on “The Conjuring

  1. Great review! Glad its a good film, I’m definitely going to watch this soon. The ‘clapping’ bit in the trailer got me on the edge 🙂 But I love horror, so this is a must watch!


      1. Yeah I see where your coming from, really? Today horror films aren’t all that, but this one seems promising. A good chill and creep out is good! Lol


      2. Yeah I was so used to them not being that good, the best ones I saw recently were either James Wan films or Ti West, the rest are just crap. You’re Next is meant to be really good too with a massive twist in it…it’s not often that critics actually like horror films, but they seemed to really like You’re Next so I’m looking forward to that too!


      3. Yeah totally agree, you go in with so many expectations and like 99% of the time its conventional. Your right Horror does not go down well with the critics. I didn’t like Insidious as much, and I hope second chapter is much more promising. Yeah I saw the trailer for You’re next the other week- seems pretty intense. Hope its good. Have you seen The ABCs of Death? Apparently thats like freaky and creepy, lol. I’ve just seen the trailer, and the rating is incredibly bad, so not sure whether to give it a go 🙂


      4. The trailer for Insidious 2 looks AWFUL! I’m not looking forward to it at all…they gave away pretty much the entire film in the trailer and that’s not a good sign! Not seen the ABC’s of Death, I heard pretty bad reviews but that never stops me, I’ve been meaning to watch it just not got around to it xD


      5. Yeah hahaa I didn’t like the first one, so I’m assuming the second ones going to be pretty bad!


      6. Hahaa great! Oooh sounds interesting. Lets hope the second ‘chapter’ is better. Those creepy people in the film were pretty good.


      7. Just watched this yesterday, and whoa I thought it was a brilliant film, finally a good horror! Had to tell you, lol. Just writing my review now 😀


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