My not-a-review review of Jaws

jaws1This isn’t a review, and I’m going to give a few reasons why I’m not even going to bother reviewing Jaws before I start:

  1. It’s an old classic that most people have seen, and those who haven’t seen it have heard of it and know lots about it anyway
  2. No one gives a toss what I think of it, because it’s a classic
  3. I probably couldn’t do it justice anyway
  4. Anything and everything I could say and want to say about it has been said a million times before

I try to review every film I watch so I thought I should at least do a small post about Jaws; a film I underestimated for many years! jawsI finally watched it properly after seeing bits of it several times before. It’s my boyfriend’s all time favourite film and I’d actually laughed at him a few times for it because the shark, from what I’d seen, looked ridiculously rubbery.

After watching Million Dollar Crocodile at Udine Far East Film Festival I got in to monster movies and recently watched as many as I could (you might have noticed a pattern in my recent film reviews if you’re very observant!) over the weekend. Jaws was on the list of films to watch and surprisingly I loved it, and I can see it creeping slowly into my list of favourite films. So I’ll eat my metaphorical hat and apologise to my boyfriend for laughing at him when he said it was one of his favourites.

jaws-2-410-x-211-1271263459So rather than review the film, or tell you the details like who directed it and who stars in it, because I’m positive that any film buff worth their salt knows all that already (even I knew that kind of stuff) so instead I’m going to give a little list of what I liked about it, and then just plonk in some pictures. So here goes:

  1. The performances are great, the captain especially. They have a great chemistry and you can really care for them when they end up on the boat under attack. Often with me it’s the other way around and I find myself rooting for the monster/animal.
  2. Jaws is an amazing masterpiece and an example of the love and care that used to go into making a film before CGI and special effects were easily accessible. Surprisingly it actually looks quite real, a lot more real than I remembered from the bits of the film I had seen before.
  3. It’s actually quite a scary film. You see very little of the shark (mainly because the crew had so much trouble filming it, imagesSpielberg famously said that after spending the entire day filming in the water they could only use a tiny bit of the footage because the amount of times you see the shark was the difference between it being a scary monster and it looking like a giant great white floating turd) I’ve always thought the most successful monster movies are the ones that don’t show much of the monster.
  4. There’s plenty of blood for those of us that enjoy that kind of thing, but it’s done tastefully and in a way that it looks realistic.
  5. There are some great elements of humour too, particularly in the dialogue between the characters

5 thoughts on “My not-a-review review of Jaws

  1. Nice not-a-review-review of a classic. I like the movie, since I watched it for the first time, many many years ago. But I thought it is one of those you can’t watch anymore, because of the low-tech (the first StarTrek series is good example of things from the past, not viewable anymore)


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