Cop Out

cop-out copyWho doesn’t love an action comedy about police getting up to no good? And who better to take the leading role than Bruce Willis, who seems to be a dab hand at combining comedy with kick ass action.

Cop Out is a 2010 film directed by Kevin Smith and written by the Cullen brothers about a veteran cop who enlists the help of his partner when his collectable baseball card is stolen by a memorabilia obsessed gangster. Needing the money that the card is worth to pay for his daughters dream wedding, Jimmy (Willis) puts it all on the line to get the card back.

Willis and Morgan have a brilliant comedic chemistry and the characters drive the plot, the script is actually quite clever with lots of references to well known action films, particularly in the opening scene where Morgan‘s character Paul interrogates a suspect with a series of Untitled Cop Movieimpressions and lines from his favourite action films. These references, including ‘Yippee ki yay, motherfucker’ to which Willis replies ‘I’ve never seen that movie’ are little winks and nudges to the audience but rather than being a pretentious attempt to seem deep and clever (rather like The Cabin in the Woods, and of course Scream) they’re just good fun.

Unlike Willis’ other 2010 action comedy RedCop Out has less integrity and is more generic and up beat. It’s an enjoyable crime caper and Bruce Willis and co star Tracy Morgan make a brilliant comedy duo as two suspended cops. The film leans more towards the comedy genre than action and the plot is very over the top; the gangster obsessed with baseball memorabilia would be more fitting in something like Johnny English, however it does pave the way for an enjoyable bit of CopOut6ALP2-25-10entertainment.

Cop Out is enjoyable entertainment but nothing more. It’s the kind of film that critics will hate but audiences will enjoy so don’t be put off by the low ratings and bad reviews floating around online. While it is a very over the top brash comedy obviously designed to entertain and not provoke deep thought, and it is apparent where the less than favourable reviews come from, it is perfectly adequate as a piece of entertainment that promises to make you laugh, if nothing else.

9 thoughts on “Cop Out

  1. Good review yo. You’re the first person I’ve seen on the internet that actually enjoyed this film. I heard it was terrible and it was only in the cinema for a little while in the UK before its circulation ended not too long after. I love Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock and Bruce Willis is obviously a legendary badass (though his more recent films bar Looper haven’t been too good for me). May actually give this one a look at some point. 😛


    1. Really? I went into it having not heard anything about it, hadn’t read any review or anything just saw it and thought it sounded good xD I can see why people don’t like it but I really enjoyed it 😀 I’ve not seen Looper, may have to give that a watch too 🙂


    1. Same, I hadn’t seen much of his stuff until I watched Red and now I’ve got this urge to watch his entire filmography! He is a brilliant action actor. Might have to check out the Die Hard series next


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