red_19The old way is the best way, at least according to 2010 action comedy Red it is. A group of ‘Retired Extremely Dangerous’ (RED) black-ops agents are reassembled in a last ditch attempt to save Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) from being killed by a high-tech assassin. 

Frank Moses has no choice but to leave his home when he’s hunted down by an assassin for an unknown reason, not so much because they know where he lives but because the group sent to kill him demolish the house completely. He embarks on a mission to uncover his assassin and reassemble the old group, while in the meantime meeting the woman that he’s been speaking to on the phone for the past few weeks.Helen_Mirren_Red_Movie_Image_John_Malkovich

Red boasts a star studded cast including Bruce WillisJohn Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman as well as a brilliantly humorous script and some top notch action. An older cast works brilliantly in this film and they’re constantly getting one up on the younger agents. Some of the best comedies are about older people getting up to no good and that’s certainly the case here.

Helen Mirren is a fantastic addition as a fearless, kick ass hit woman and, of course, ex special agent but the star of the film is John Malkovich who does a fantastic job as the slightly mad ex agent who’s grown paranoid about being assassinated. His performance is genius and provides the majority of the film’s humour. Surprisingly Morgan Freeman hardly features in the film at all despite his name appearing on Red_Movie_Image _Bruce_Willis_Morgan_Freemanall the promotion material for the film, it’s a shame to see that he wasn’t given a bigger role but the performances of the rest of the cast make up for that missed opportunity.

With Red 2 coming out next month, it’s definitely worth either watching Red for the first time or revisiting it if you’re already a fan. It’s an action comedy that does not disappoint and boasts a brilliant cast. Bound to make you laugh out loud, and will satisfy anyone after a bit of fast paced action, a brilliant action flick.

10 thoughts on “Red

  1. Nice review Natasha. It’s a pretty laid-back movie, but also a bunch of fun as well. The sequel blew though, and made this seem like a freakin’ masterpiece.


  2. Red 2 came out here on Friday and I warn you, you are going to want a very big gun after you see it. I am in love with Helen Mirren. I want to be her and most of all, I want her guns. We loved the movie. We also really liked Red (the original), but I think Red 2 is actually a bit better. John Malkovitch and Anthony Hopkins are fan-tast-ic!!


    1. Oooh I’m very excited now!! The trailer definitely looked better, and Anthony Hopkins is great! It comes out on the 2nd of August here, will be going to see it asap 😀


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