A new film idea

blackpool-plagueI’ve been pondering this idea for a while now, so I thought I’d post it on here. I haven’t thought up anything yet, not characters, settings, or even the plot so this is a very brief idea but it’s something I’m very keen to develop in the future.

I’ve always been fascinated with the gritty, disgusting, unpleasant, scary elements of history, maybe because I’m a twisted individual. I became fascinated with the plague and the middle ages back when I went to Weymouth Timewalk back when I was quite young. I don’t think it’s even open anymore but it was a walk through rooms set up with dummies and furniture etc made to replicate elements of history and part of it was to do with the plague. Something about that part of history fascinates me and I really want to make it into some kind of gritty historical horror film. images

For a start, the outfit that plague doctors wore are terrifying and would be a perfect horror character. They’d go around painting red X’s on the doors of people who were infected and then lock them in, the disease was vile, lots of people died and the conditions back then were awful; what better basis for a horror film? It’s not really something that’s been done particularly either. Another ‘plague’ that interests me was the dancing plague of 1518 which was an extreme case of ‘dance mania’ where people started dancing, unable to stop and after several days ended up dying of exhaustion and other illnesses. How true it is I’ve no idea, and it’s not really something that’d be particularly cinematic, but it’s quite interesting.

When Once Bitten is out the way, I think this’ll be my next project. Obviously I’m unlikely to be able to make it for a long time, I simply don’t have the resources or money that’d be needed to do it, but I’m definitely keen to write the script.

16 thoughts on “A new film idea

  1. That’s a really great idea for a film. This plague guys look cool. I think the long nose bits had herbs in them because they thought the plague was spread through the air


      1. Yeah, there’s an underground city under Edinburgh you can visit. Its where people with the plague were bricked up in the homes. Then they built the new town on top. Its really creepy but cool. Maybe your film could be about tourists visiting it and getting trapped! Then all the people and doctors come to life!


  2. Yeah, great idea! The nose things or beaks, were to keep from spreading infection, but damned if they didn’t look freaky as hell,they probably scared quite a few of their patients to death!! LOL


    1. Yeah, they thought it spread through air and breathing and stuff. But they are so scary looking! That part of history is creepy as hell D: Haha probably, it wasn’t the plague that killed them at all! 😛


  3. I am not planning on leaving Devon anytime soon, so if you need an actor, give me a message. Summer holiday is best for me, as I am planning on going into teaching.


    1. Cool 😀 I don’t think I’ll be shooting this film but will definitely have more projects in the not so distant future, I’ll keep it in mind 🙂 Thanks


  4. Two books: The Doomsday Book (Connie Willis – sci fi time travel, but really the 14th centure) and Timeline (Michael Crichton (same thing, same century). If you feel ambitious you should read Barbara Tuchman’s “A Distant Mirror,” which is straight history and something anyone interested in the period should read,. I’m glad I’m not the only nut job around who likes this stuff.

    The dance plague was caused by ergot poisoning in the central granaries of Europe. It was not the first or last time. Just one of the bigger outbreaks, Ergot poisoning is like taking a handful of LSD. Massive hallucinations lasting … well … until the person dies, usually. Medieval Europe had regional and centralized granaries, so if the ergot fungus got in, it poisoned a whole region as all the bakers for many miles around used grain stored in the same place. Ergot affects rye usually, the basic grain for the daily bread everyone ate.

    I strongly recommend A Distant Mirror. It will really give you a ton of information you need for a project about this period. Movies on the period you should see: Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” and a strange, hard to find movie starring a young Angelica Huston called “A Walk with Love and Death.” This is my not so secret passion!

    You know you can sell scripts. You can even sell treatments. Just a thought.


    1. OOoh that’s a lot of info, thanks 😀 I’ll have to look into some of those films and books.
      Yeah I’ve thought about selling scripts/treatments but I’ve no idea where to start! I guess something to think about once/if it’s written 🙂


  5. It sounds like a good idea for a horror movie. And the budget may not be as big of an issue as you think. Horror films are often the starting genre for a lot of directors precisely because they can usually be filmed on the cheap. The period-piece aspects might cause some problems there, but maybe a bit of investigation would turn up a good filming location to help out there?


    1. Yeah my first short was a horror, thing is this is going to be more of a drama so all the sets and costumes etc would need to be awesome, and it’d be a big cast. Not something I’ll be doing for a long time, as a broke student I couldn’t even afford the budget if it was only a couple of hundred pounds at the minute haha


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