A Moment to Remember

imagesAlzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, a disease that eats away at a person’s memory and eventually leads to death. A Moment to Remember is a heart breaking story about an enduring love that is tested when Sun-jin is diagnosed with the disease at just 27 years old.

Like many Korean dramas, A Moment to Remember burrows right under your skin and into your heart with likeable and believable characters. With a run time of 117 minutes the film progresses slowly, much like the disease itself, and gives us plenty of time to get completely wrapped up in the story. The slow pace, picturesque settings and pretty soundtrack lend themselves well to the bittersweet, heartbreaking story.

The performances of lead actors Woo-sung Jung and Ye-jin Son are breathtaking, they have an enthralling on-screen chemistryimages (1) that makes the characters’ love for each other even more believable and in turn more heartbreaking. Although the story is ultimately tragic, the theme of enduring love softens the blow of this strikingly realistic drama, with scenes that will bring a lump to your throat.

Everything about the film is poetic, smooth and beautiful. The setting and the cinematography gel so well together to create something visually pleasing while the soundtrack and performances combined make a stunning yet tragic love story come to life. The opening of the film is difficult to make head or tail of, and gives a very long winded and beating-about-the-bush kind of introduction to the lead character which does make it initially difficult to get into, and like many Asian films A Moment to Remember does tend to drag occasionally with lengthy scenes of dialogue that could’ve been cut down and made much more effective. A lot of Asian films seem to fall foul of this and often start to lapse into lengthy scenes in which the story would have a A_Moment_To_Remember-0016much bigger impact if it was condensed.

A Moment to Remember is yet more evidence that Korea does drama better than the UK and USA combined. It’s a slow paced, poetic story of enduring love with stunning performances that will bring a lump to your throat.


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