Sunshine Award & WordPress Family Award

A huge thank you to Marilyn over at Serendipity for both these lovely awards. It always comes as a bit of a surprise (a pleasant one of course) that people are reading this little ole’ blog and liking what they read, and it’s always an honour to be given awards by people that have taken time to read the stuff that I do for fun and as university coursework.



The rules for this first award are to answer some questions, I’m not feeling too imaginative right now so have just used the same questions from Marilyn’s post…but please feel free to add  some of your own or adapt some of these if you want to…

Favourite colour? Green, I love all things bright but bright/lime green is my favourite. 

Favourite animal? That’s tough, I love them all! Narrowing it down to three though it’d have to be bears (especially grizzly bears) wolves and slow loris’. There’s just too much cute to choose from though!

Favourite number? Never had one, numbers aren’t attractive to me!

Favourite non alcoholic drink? Smoothie

My Passion? Films and writing about them

Prefer getting or giving presents? Giving, although that sounds cheesy it’s true…I love buying for other people, I get very excited when I see things that I know someone will love.

Favourite day of the week? Wednesday, I don’t know why but it always has been…I love that feeling when it’s halfway through the week, and the weekend’s near…so much so I prefer it to the actual weekend!

Favourite flower? No idea, I’m drawn to anything brightly coloured but I only know the names of a few flowers…none of which are my favourites!



The rules of the WordPress Family award are:

Here are the rules for the WordPress Family award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. Done

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. Done

3. Nominate 10 bloggers deserving of the award & notify them

This is the hard part, I read a lot of blogs that I enjoy, and ‘meet’ a lot of people whom I think are deserving of these two awards so narrowing it down to 10 is never easy! But here goes, and if I’ve missed anyone out I’m very sorry, it’s nothing personal!



Oracle of Film


The Cinema Monster

It Rains…You Get Wet

Parlor of Horror


Tranquil Dreams

My Filmmaking Learning Curve

Cindy Bruchman



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