Oz The Great and Powerful

ea_ozballoonA different take on a classic story, Oz the Great and Powerful is based on L. Frank Baum‘s Oz novels and pays homage to The Wizard of Oz. Directed by prolific director/producer Sam Raimi (The Evil DeadOz the Great and Powerful is a stunning visual feast for people of all ages.

A small time magician and self-proclaimed cheat Oscar Diggs aka Oz (James Franco) is swept away in a tornado to an enchanted land called Oz. He meets a whole host of different people (and creatures) along the way and is forced to battle against the two wicked witches to save the people of Oz and take the throne as ‘the Wizard’.

Rachel-Mila-oz-the-great-and-powerful-33254299-1080-810Oz the Great and Powerful is the perfect family film. It’s visually stunning, funny and full of adventure. It’s a re-imagining of a045_WH0050_cdl_v1091.1039_R classic story that will appeal to not just children but fans of the classic Wizard of Oz too. Although we already know the main plot, Oz the Great and Powerful updates the story and makes it current, fresh and exciting.

The film opens with a small-screen black and white sequence designed to replicate the beginning of The Wizard of Oz and to look like an old film. It does so brilliantly, and brings back lots of nostalgia for those that have seen and remember The Wizard of Oz and it pays homage to the old classic by beautifully capturing the magic straight from the start. Of course the moment oz-great-powerful09Oz gets into the balloon we know exactly where he’s going and exactly what awaits, but the exciting and beautiful brightly coloured visuals and the charismatic yet humorous performance by James Franco makes it refreshingly new.

The film boasts a stellar cast and beautiful visuals that would definitely benefit being watched in 3D on the big screen, but nevertheless it’s still a stunning and exciting romp even if you didn’t get to catch it in the cinema. An homage to an old classic that most people have either seen or at least are aware of, Oz the Great and Powerful makes it current and fresh, and it’s the perfect family film that’ll make the story and legend of Oz relevant even new-poster-for-oz-the-great-and-powerful-12415174 years after The Wizard of Oz was released. Great fun, brightly coloured and an entertaining family film, well worth watching.


7 thoughts on “Oz The Great and Powerful

  1. Cool review yo. This was my first favourite film of the year, everything before this had been a bit hit and miss but this was some solid fun which I really liked. 🙂


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