Once Bitten, Twice Shy update: Location

I realised I hadn’t given an update recently on the short film, and since I’ve now confirmed a p.e.r.f.e.c.t location, I thought I’d share it with you!

This is my Aunty and Uncle’s house located in Aylesbeare, Devon (a 15 minute drive from my house). They’re away the weekend we’re filming at a family wedding, and have said it’s ok to shoot the film there. My boyfriend and I are dog-sitting in return! It’s a beautiful cottage and is perfect for the film, it’s also for sale if anyone’s interested (wink wink!)


52935_35905_IMG_13_0003 52935_35905_IMG_14_0002 52935_35905_IMG_12_0003_max_620x414 52935_35905_IMG_11_0003 52935_35905_IMG_10_0003 52935_35905_IMG_09_0001 52935_35905_IMG_08_0001 52935_35905_IMG_07_0001 52935_35905_IMG_06_0001 52935_35905_IMG_05_0001 52935_35905_IMG_04_0002 52935_35905_IMG_03_0001 52935_35905_IMG_02_0001 52935_35905_IMG_01_0001 52935_35905_IMG_00_0002

14 thoughts on “Once Bitten, Twice Shy update: Location

    1. Oh and it has a secret door too 😉 the big book shelf/TV stand/ DVD shelf thingy in one of the pics has a hinge…I don’t know if it still does, or if they’ve changed it (it’s all been revamped since I was last there) but that massive shelf is a door into the bedroom behind! Pretty cool


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