Day 30: Your Least Favourite Movie


Well, I’ve come to the end of my 30 day challenge! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, I thought I’d either give up or forget to carry on about half way through but no, here I am on day 30.
My least favourite movie seems like a bit of a negative way to end this challenge but there we go, I must follow the rules!
I have a lot of films that I really don’t like for many reasons, The Matrix being one of them (but I’ve already used that in my ‘most overrated film’ post) but no film has ever made me groan in agony whilst watching it quite like Underworld.
I have tried about three times to sit down and watch the whole film, and every time I’ve either got bored and switched it off or fallen asleep. Underworld is the epitome of the kind of films I despise. I hate fantasy/action/sci-fi type films. About as far as I can cope with fantasy is a werewolf horror, the kind of fantasy that is based in reality and not in an entire little fantasy world. I don’t know how to describe those kinds of films, but Resident Evil, Underworld, Van Helsing and Serenity all fall into the category of the type of fantasy that I cannot stand.
Underworld is just…blergh! That kind of fantasy screams ‘try hard’ to me, almost like the person writing it was just desperate to come up with something ‘cool’ and ‘out there’. I don’t get the kind of fantasy where you have people that are, I don’t know…half elf and named ‘Blaize’ or ‘Blade’, you know the sort. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they do try hard or anything, that’s just how it comes across to me. I find those films very difficult to enjoy because I just don’t get it, I much prefer something more realistic.
Underworld is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the worst film I’ve ever seen, however just purely based on the amount of times I’ve tried and failed to watch it, I just had to put it as my least favourite. Plus it kind of sums up my least favourite genre of film as well.

9 thoughts on “Day 30: Your Least Favourite Movie

  1. congrats on completeing the challenge – and the Underworld films are an anomoly – As a horror fan I should like them, but I watch them and I don’t get much from them. I guess I like my horror to be a little more cerebral.


    1. I couldn’t get on with the Alien or Alien Vs Predator films either, definitely not my cup of tea!
      That’s ok, thanks for following it and commenting 🙂 It had been fun…might have to do another one sometime


  2. I always have trouble with least favourite because I’m a liker. I tend to like almost anything to some extent. Mind you there are films I won’t watch a second time or buy, but generally I can find something good to cling to.
    However, 24 Hours in London comes to mind today. It was terrible. I love criminal, violent gangster type movies, especially British ones, but this was flat out awful. I lent it to someone and told them to keep it if they liked it. They gave it back.
    Sometimes I joke about watching it to laugh at it, but I haven’t watched it since that first time 12 years ago.


    1. Yeah I’m often the same…I like to try and see the positive in every film I watch, and my reviews are mostly positive (some aren’t though!) There are some I just can’t stand though
      I’ve not seen 24 Hours in London, but I think I’ll avoid it now 😉


  3. Mine is “Titanic”. Pathetic bullshit. I hate it. For me it’s much more unrealistic then any Zombie movie.

    I like the Underworld flicks, though. And I like the Genre also.


    1. Yeah I can agree with that, I was never a Titanic fan…it’s one of those films that gets kind of good after what feels like three hours, but it’s not good enough to redeem the boringness at the start! The only enjoyment I got from it was seeing frozen people, maybe that says more about me than it does the film 😛 but I couldn’t stand it either.
      That’s fair enough, a lot of people do really like them…for me though the Underworld films sum up perfectly the kind of films that I hate, I think I’ve tried to watch them four times now, and haven’t managed to get past the first half hour before falling asleep or turning it off!


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