Day 29: A Movie that Changed Your Opinion About Something


Prior to watching The Green Mile I was all for the death sentence, I didn’t see how someone could murder a person and then not have to lose their own life. It may sound daft, because it is just a film, but The Green Mile completely changed my opinion about it. The electric chair scene was enough to change my mind completely. It’s a really tough scene to watch and the representation makes you empathise with the criminals more than the guards. The guards actually come across as the inhuman, horrible ones and it tackles the idea that the death sentence would make the law just as bad as the criminals; ‘an eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind’.
The film is stunning, but very sad and the story of John Coffey who has been wrongly accused of murder, is such a gentle giant that his death sentence is so tragic. The whole film is beautifully acted and really tackles the morals of death row and it changed my opinion completely.

8 thoughts on “Day 29: A Movie that Changed Your Opinion About Something

  1. I think both of us at Frame Rates will have to point to the documentary we saw at this year’s Sundance London; Blackfish. Obviously documentaries are designed to inform the audience about something, which in turn should illicit a response. However, we both knew nothing/were indifferent about the plight of Orcas in Seaworld-type parks around the world, and that documentary really changed our opinion. If you want to read our thoughts I will leave this here;

    Also, The Green Mile is one of the few movies that made me cry, which is quite an achievement. Good insights :-). Ernie.


  2. It changed my mind about circus mice! 🙂

    Loved the scene where John healed the mouse. Percy was such a despicable weasel you wanted to see Wild Bill get him. lol. Sam Rockwell gives one of the all-time great performances here. 🙂

    This is probably my favorite Stephen King piece; top-notch film all across the board from all involved.


  3. Excellent choice – Green Mile was a phenomenal film (although, admittedly, it didn’t change my mind on being for the death penalty). I’m drawing a blank on an example for myself although I will say that “What Dreams May Come” did support some of the spiritual beliefs I hold like no movie had ever done before.


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