Day 28: Movie with the Best Soundtrack


Going for a film whose score was composed by Hans Zimmer seems far too obvious; we all know his soundtracks are some of the best, so I’m going to go for something a little less talked about. I’m not a music person, although I can appreciate a good soundtrack when I hear one, and Hanna stands out as the best that I’ve heard in a film because of the impact it had on me. The Soundtrack is what made the film one of my favourites, it made the film brilliant instead of just good. It’s powerful, modern and packs a serious punch and it not only makes the action scenes seem all the more intense and exciting but it gives the film a kind of fantasy feel. I love Hanna’s soundtrack, the almost childlike music in comparison to the punchy action scenes. Composed by The Chemical Brothers the soundtrack for Hanna is one of the best film soundtracks I’ve heard and I’m yet to find anything that beats it! You really have to watch the film to get the full experience of how great the soundtrack is, but here’s a track to give you an idea if you’ve not seen the film.

10 thoughts on “Day 28: Movie with the Best Soundtrack

  1. This is one of my all time favorite movies . Strength and survival combined with The Chemical Brothers. I have every sound track that Hans ever did but I am still shocked that someone else loves this movie. I watch 2-3 times per month as she gives me strength of character.

    I first discovered Hans here:

    – Video Dominic Boudreault, music by Hans Zimmer


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