Day 27: Favourite Classic Movie


I’ve had to bend the rules just a touch and go for a modern classic. Generally the term ‘classic’ in film tends to apply to films before the 70’s when Hollywood was first in full swing but shamefully I’ve not seen many of those. Perhaps I should! Anyway my favourite modern classic film would have to be The Shawshank Redemption. I watched this quite recently and fell in love. I was skeptical, because I’m always skeptical of films that are considered to be the best of all time and Shawshank is always up there near the top of most ‘best films of all time’ lists.
I completely fell in love with the film, and it shot straight to my own top films. It’s beautiful and heartwarming and had me in tears. I love the characters and the performances are brilliant, the whole thing is breathtaking. I think what’s great is that when you’ve seen it, it’s really hard to pinpoint what it is that makes it so brilliant, it just is!

8 thoughts on “Day 27: Favourite Classic Movie

  1. Shawshank is one of the best adapted films I have seen. I’ve seen it a lot, but one summer I read the novella one day and watched the film the next. Phenomenal.

    As for mt favourite classic: The Philadelphia Story with It Happened One Night as a runner up.


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