Day 26: A Movie That is a Guilty Pleasure


Dirty Dancing has been a guilty pleasure since I was small. I’m a sucker for that kind of film and it’s actually a toss up between Dirty Dancing or Mamma Mia! I can’t decide which. But since I’ve seen Dirty Dancing far more times than I have Mamma Mia! I’ll go with that.
I say it’s a guilty pleasure because a lot of people around me turn their noses up when I say I like it. My boyfriend for example despises the film and a lot of people think it’s cheesy old rubbish. I love it! I love the music, everything about it. I could watch it over and over again and not get bored. When I was a kid I’d watch it and I felt all grown up, as if I was watching something I shouldn’t have been (even though my parents gave me the video, and mum recommended it because she was a fan also). Yeah, I did fall in love with Patrick Swayze a little bit, and I loved the characters. I even borrowed the soundtrack CD from my dads collection and put it on my laptop. Definitely a guilty pleasure!

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