Day 25: A Movie that No one Would Expect you to Love


Million Dollar Crocodile is a Chinese monster movie, interestingly the first monster movie to come from Chinese Mainland. I saw it at Udine Far East Festival, going into the film with the expectation that it would be awful. I’ve never been a monster movie fan, and it’s definitely one that people wouldn’t expect me to love, it actually turned out to be one of my favourites from the festival. If it’s intentionally funny then it’s a very clever film, if it’s just funny because it’s terrible then it’s still really entertaining. The crocodile isn’t particularly well animated but that adds to its charm, and the characters are all exaggerated and for the most part very amusing. It’s brightly coloured, silly and good fun and totally not something that I would usually think about watching…to begin with the title, similar to things like Dinocroc or Sharktopus put me off and I went to see it because it looked so stupid. I hate films like GodzillaJaws and King Kong so I did not expect to enjoy a monster movie at all.

million dollar crocodile

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