Day 24: Favourite Documentary


I watched Touching the Void for the first time when I was quite young, I don’t even know why I watched it…it just happened to be on TV. I’ve seen it several times since and it always has the same impact. Something about it scared, thrilled and intrigued me. It’s interesting, moving and pretty shocking. The people involved have an incredible story to tell and it’s really a story of true friendship and forgiveness. I remember wondering how I’d react in that situation, as either the person who’s life is at risk, or the one holding the rope. Imagine having to make that decision. For anyone that’s not familiar with the documentary, in a nut shell two friends are climbing a mountain, one drops off the edge and is being held by his friend, his leg has been badly broken and he’s dangling for ages before the friend has to make the difficult decision to cut the rope. He doesn’t think there’s any chance of his friend surviving and holding onto the rope for ages before the inevitable happened obviously would’ve killed them both. However, the friend manages to survive against the odds, battling the cold, his broken leg and the lack of food, water and equipment, and eventually makes it back to the base camp.
It’s an incredible story and it had such an impact on me I will never forget it.

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