Donnie Yen Set to Reprise his Role as Ip Man in a Third Film!


Donnie Yen is reportedly set to reprise his role as legendary Wing Chun master Yip Man (pronounced Ip Man) in a third instalment.
Good things come in threes, and in this case they also come in 3D as Donnie Yen‘s Ip Man will be gracing the big screen in the third dimension. There is no word yet regarding when filming will begin however the studio behind the film are said to be aiming for a 2013 release; they’d better get a wriggle on then!
Donnie Yen stated that he would not return to the franchise after the second film but has obviously had a change of heart, much to the excitement of fans of the films.
A 2013 release might be a bit optimistic considering filming hasn’t yet started and it’s now mid 2013, but hopefully it will be available soon in any case. Let’s just say, I’m very excited!

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