Day 22: The Most Underrated Movie


Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus will always stand out to me as an underrated film. Whether it’s the most underrated film ever is debatable, of course it’s all down to personal opinion. Fur got some pretty awful reviews mainly from people disgruntled that what they watched happened to be a film and not a documentary about Diane Arbus’ real life. It’s a fictional recount of what her life might have been like before she became a famous photographer, and it makes no attempt to disguise the fact that it’s not true to life. But of course you always get some (or in this case quite a few) busy body snobs who can’t accept that it’s not meant to give true information about Diane Arbus. For me it’s one of the weirdest yet visually beautiful films I’ve seen, the love story is touching and moving but not cheesy or vomit-inducing like a lot of soppy romances. It’s beautifully shot and the colours are stunning, I guess maybe I’m a sucker for nice colours! The performances are top notch, although there are a lot of characters it’s all about Diane and Lionel and a lot of the film is just them on their own in his strange flat. A very odd but very beautiful film deserving, in my opinion, of more praise than it seems to get.

Yep, she's wearing his hair!
Yep, she’s wearing his hair!

3 thoughts on “Day 22: The Most Underrated Movie

  1. I love your opinions! This is a funny situation we are in: I like The Matrix a lot and didn’t really care for this one too much : )


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