Day 21: The Most Overrated Movie


There are so many I could go for here, because there aren’t many big-name films that everyone claims to be amazing that I genuinely think deserve the credit they get. It’s hard to choose just one that I think is overrated since there are so many, but one film I’ve always hated is The Matrix. In a media studies class a few years ago, I said that I hadn’t properly watched The Matrix and I didn’t like it…believe me, if looks could kill, I would not be here today! Maybe it’s because it’s just totally not my thing, I don’t really like sci-fi type films at all, but I’ve watched the first one (parts of it anyway) and I couldn’t get on with it at all. It may well be a clever film, and I know that it’s one of those films that if you speak bad of it, people will have a go at you, but it’s one of the biggest let downs in my opinion, and I really hated it! After all the hype surrounding the film it stands out as one of the most overrated to me because I hated it so much I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

15 thoughts on “Day 21: The Most Overrated Movie

  1. Keanu Reeves is such an interesting actor though…kind of. I watched ‘The Gift’ the other night in which he plays a racist hick. So funny. He really was perfect for this role because it required so little emotion.


    1. I really don’t like him I’m sorry to say xD haha to each their own though!
      I can’t forgive him for his terrible performance in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and ever since watching that, I struggle to take him seriously!
      I didn’t mind him in A Scanner Darkly though, and I love that film 🙂


  2. Sorry, I couldn’t disagree with you more! I say this disliking K.Reeves. The film was fantastic on so many levels–but, hey, everyone is different. What I love most about the film is the cinematography. Before Reeves decides to go down the rabbit hole, the rain, the black and white tiles mirroring the black and white decision, the intrigue–oh, I could go on for hours. But it’s great to agree we disagree!


    1. That’s fair enough, to be honest many people love it!
      I just can’t stand films like that, and I watched it wondering why on earth it’s so highly regarded! It’s not often I watch a film that’s critically acclaimed and can’t see why, even when I don’t like it personally…in this case I just couldn’t see it!
      I really hate sci-fi/fantasy films, Matrix and films like Underworld are the epitome of what I dislike in a film! haha


  3. This is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies!! I just love Keanu and I have this movie on my laptop for long plane rides ! HA : )~


  4. Hmmm…while I didn’t care for the sequels, I loved the original Matrix (and Underworld!); my pick would be any movie that stars Halle Berry or Gwyneth Paltrow that doesn’t have a Marvel superhero in it;)


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