Day 19: Your Favourite Actor


Well this is easy! Anyone that knows me generally knows about my love for Robert Downey Jr even if we’ve only just met! It usually pops up in conversation at some point.
It’s not just because he’s drop dead gorgeous, but that does help. I have a collection of 23 of his DVDs, which is almost his whole cinematography and I’ve seen most of them more than once. He’s a brilliant actor, and I love his films. He seems to have such good taste when it comes to what films he’s in because with the exception of The Singing Detective and Bowfinger (neither of which I particularly liked… but I do still have them in my DVD collection) they’re all pretty good films.
I love his sense of humour, and I find arrogance (within reason) a really attractive trait and he has this kind of arrogance, which for the most part is usually ironic and funny as opposed to him genuinely being big headed. He had such a dodgy past what with the drugs and all that but he’s turned it around and become someone who’s widely regarded as one of the best actors in Hollywood.
And he’s gorgeous. What more could you want?!

9 thoughts on “Day 19: Your Favourite Actor

  1. Good choice! What’s your favourite RDJ film? Personally, I’d go with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but I’m probably not as across his filmography as you from the sounds of things!


    1. I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! Studied it for Alevel media too xD I can’t pick just one favourite, I love Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes and Due Date (his more commercial films) but also love In Dreams, Fur:An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, Chaplin and Charlie Bartlett.
      Hard to choose just one 🙂


  2. Wonderful choice, RDJ is amazing. While I only became a fan of his after Iron Man 1 in 2008 I’ve watched so much more of his films and I’m definitely a massive fan of his.


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