Day 16: The Last Movie you Saw in Theatres


I’m a huge Iron Man fan, and not just because Robert Downey Jr is in it (although that’s partly why!) and I was gutted when I found out that it would be released midway through my 10 days in Italy. In Italy I watched over 20 films in 8 days so when I got back I was completely filmed out, but still I rushed to see Iron Man 3 as soon as I could. Needless to say I loved it, in hindsight I was probably overly excited and saw through the plot holes and flaws, and now I think about it, it wasn’t particularly a good edition to the Iron Man franchise and lacked something that the others had. I enjoyed it though and the visuals are great, it’s laced with typical Shane Black style humour which I’ve loved ever since watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for the first time (and then watching it about 10 times since then!) so it was well worth going to see, just perhaps not as good in hindsight as I thought it was at the time.

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