Once Bitten Twice Shy Production

Phineas the film prop, conveniently we had a pheasant sized bobble hat laying around! (he won't be wearing it for the film)
Phineas the film prop, conveniently we had a pheasant sized bobble hat laying around! (he won’t be wearing it for the film)

Over the past few months I’ve been producing my first independent short film Once Bitten, Twice Shy. I wrote the screenplay as part of a university module and after some pretty positive feedback I decided I wanted to make it.
So far it’s all gone really smoothly, I’ve organised a crew to help on the day, booked and collected equipment, sourced props and costumes on a small budget and I’ve just about confirmed the location but still need to follow it up. Most importantly I cast three great actors who are all about as excited about the film as I am!
The film has a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, all of which I’ve been using to promote it. I have enlisted the help of a music composition student who is going to compose an entire original soundtrack and I’ve been learning how to use Adobe After Effects so I can make some decent credits and titles.
Doing this is important to me, not just on a personal level but on a

First special fx make up attempt
First special fx make up attempt

professional one. I’ve learned so much through producing this film and have definitely got more confidence in my own ability now that it’s all come together. It’s been a learning curve, mainly I didn’t want to get to my second year having chosen the short film module and not have properly produced anything. Practice makes perfect and it’s also good to get your name out there and gain a few contacts. Not to mention making a film is great fun!

Filming will take place on the 6th of July, and the location is pretty much certain. We’ll be filming over one day, and editing will commence straight away. I anticipate the film to be complete by September, which will be ideal as I’ll be starting back at uni in September and will no doubt have lots to do so getting it out the way by then seems like a good idea. I’m going to make a trailer and a gag reel which will go on my blog for you all to have a look at, however the finished film won’t be available to watch either on Youtube or Vimeo for a while as most festival regulations state that the film can’t have been published online before submission and I’m hoping to submit to as many festivals as possible. There will also be production pictures and ‘behind the scenes’ bits and bobs too. 





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