Day 10: Your Favourite Director

Because I’m indecisive it’s a toss up between two!

Tomas Alfredson

Alfredson directing Tinker Tailor
Alfredson directing Tinker Tailor

Tomas Alfredson is responsible for two of the most stunning films I’ve seen in a while; Let the Right One In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. While neither of these films are particularly favourites of mine, I was completely mesmerised by the amazing atmosphere that they made; in Let the Right One In you can practically feel the cold coming out of the TV screen, and Tinker Tailor is so authentic and the silence is so powerful. It’s not a particularly exciting film, it’s actually quite boring, but again I was mesmerised by the visuals, the props and costumes.


Guillermo Del Toro 

Del Toro on set of Hellboy
Del Toro on set of Hellboy

I love Guillermo Del Toro‘s tendency for fantasy films with lots of awesome creatures. Hellboy is one of my favourite films, and I love Pans Labyrinth. When I heard about Pacific Rim months ago I got so excited; I’m a Ron Perlman fan and he and Del Toro work together quite a lot, and their friendship and good rapport is evident in their films and the films’ marketing which makes them a joy to watch. He was also executive producer for The Orphanage which is a great Spanish horror film. I’m yet to see Mama but have been wanting to for a while. There’s just something about his films that I love, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy too which is always a plus!

5 thoughts on “Day 10: Your Favourite Director

    1. Don’t get me started, I despise him with a passion 😛 haha
      Horrible, egotistical little man he is!
      And I don’t like many of his films, Django is the only one I think I’ve actually enjoyed!


      1. Wacky, maybe…but he comes across as a complete A-hole to me! Especially in the recent interview about Django when he tells the interviewer he’s going to ‘shut his butt down’ … whatever that even is!!
        I had to study him in part for Alevel, his films are clever and talented, and he’s probably the most talented postmodern director, I just haven’t enjoyed any of his films other than Django…and even then his obnoxious and egotistical presence in the film grates on me! watching him explode was satisfying though!


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