Day 09: A movie that you know practically the whole script of



I would’ve used Labyrinth but I don’t want to use the same film twice! Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favourite films, not only have I seen it many many times but I had to study it in ALevel Media Studies (I think my teacher knew how much I liked it…and also I had the DVD which made things easier) when we were studying postmodernism.
I love the witty script, and I know so many of the quotes, in fact half my list of favourite film quotes come from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s so subtle and funny, Robert Downey Jr’s character is adorably dumb and says some of the funniest things. I’ll give some examples rather than keep rambling on about how much I love the film.

Harry: “Man I’m sore, I mean physically sore…not like a guy who’s mad in a movie in the 1950’s”

Harmony: “That girl’s been f*cked more times than she’s had hot dinners”
Harry: “Oh yeah I heard about that, it was neck and neck and then she skipped lunch”

‘Gay’ Perry: “Look up the word idiot in the dictionary, know what you’ll find?”
Harry: “A picture of me?”
‘Gay’ Perry: “No, the definition of the word idiot which you f*cking are!”

Harry: “Ipeedonthecorpse!” (the way he says it is hilarious)

‘Gay’ Perry: “I’m talking money”
Harry: “A talking monkey?!”
‘Gay’ Perry: “Talking monkey, yeah, yeah came here from the future, ugly sucker only says ‘ficus”

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