Disgusted with some of the people in this world: Terror attack in London

Following this recent news story about the attack on a young man thought to be a British soldier, I just had to air my views. Firstly, here’s the video of this disgusting, sub human piece of dirt justifying the attack:

He thinks that because in ‘his land’ (his accent and colour would suggest that he is not from Afghanistan, which is where our troops are…in fact the reports all say that he’s British) women have to witness horrors like people being killed in the street, that it’s ok to make women here witness it by brutally murdering  a soldier. We then have the issue that he basically threatens all of us, telling us to ‘be careful’ and that they ‘won’t stop fighting us’.
Religion has always scared me, and this is one of the reasons why. Violence and murder in the name of God and religion. I’ve heard a lot of arguments that a true muslim would not do this, so passing judgement on a whole religion seems somewhat wrong. But what’s not wrong is the fact that the men, particularly the one in the video, that committed this should not be allowed to live in a country that they despise enough to commit murder.
Part of me hopes that they bring back the death sentence especially for these b*stards, but if that’s not going to happen then immediate deportation back to ‘their land’ would suffice. Whatever happens they should not be staying in this country. They are a threat and a danger to everyone, they’re murderers and they clearly don’t think too kindly of the British, so why would we spend taxpayers money to keep them in a, quite frankly cushy jail cell?

It remains to be seen what will be done to these sick b*stards, but I hope it’s not kind whatever it is. This kind of thing makes my skin crawl. The majority of migrants work, add something to the community, give something back to the country and humbly appreciate that they’ve been enabled the chance to live here. Great, happy days! But occasionally you get a few, like these guys, that don’t want to be here, or if they want to be here they want it on their terms. They want to change our rules, our way of life and they want to commit hate crimes because they hate us! So why are they here? The bottom line a life has been lost in the name of ‘Allah’ in a Christian, British country…it’s a hate crime, it’s a race crime, it is a terror attack! It’s time we got tough and fought back with the same vengeance and hatred as the people that commit these crimes and I’m seriously hoping they don’t simply get put in jail.

9 thoughts on “Disgusted with some of the people in this world: Terror attack in London

  1. This is insanity. A cold blooded murderer talking directly to the cameraman. What is going on in the world? Is it ever going to stop? I’m outraged since my father too is in the armed forces. This is horrible !!


    1. I know, it’s unbelievable! Our armed forces deserve respect, not to be threatened in their own country. Disgraceful, I hope they get what’s coming to them! I believe two of the men responsible were shot dead by armed police when the police arrived, but I’m not 100% sure


  2. Hi Natasha, I agree that these guys are arseholes and that what they did is disgusting and evil. But I think that when these things happen religion can be used as a scapegoat. This is a political issue and these wankers (who start off as nutters) believe they are soldiers in some wider conflict. Growing up in a country devastated by terrorism I think I learned that we should treat these people as criminals and not as political prisoners. If we treat them as common murderers it doesn’t help their cause and they don’t achieve their goal. Sorry for the length of this, it probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!


    1. But their use of religion as a scapegoat kind of makes them slightly more deluded and evil than the average murderer…they obviously hate British people for some reason. I just hope they get what’s coming to them! I don’t want to live in a country where people like this are allowed to roam free and if they go to jail that’s what will happen in, say…12 years time.
      Haha that’s ok, it makes sense 🙂


  3. Haha thanks, I’m Northern Irish and I’ve met these kind of people and all they really want is attention and a feeling they belong to some kind of movement. Try them for murder, convict them, and throw them in jail but don’t stoop to their brutal level. Actually I should have used all of these words to name more of my favourite Asian films!


    1. I agree, but my issue is that not only do we the taxpayers have to pay to keep them in jail…but jail is pretty cushy.
      My boyfriend plays in a local volleyball league and during the indoor season they play a certain amount of matches in two prisons; one high security, one low, against a prison team.
      Once someone in the high security prison (so a murderer, rapist that kind of thing) claimed it was his human right to have an Xbox in his cell, so they all got brand new Xboxes. To me that’s not punishment! And when taxpayers like my own parents couldn’t afford a new Xbox on their hard earned money even if they wanted one, I don’t think it’s justifiable to allow prisoners such luxuries.


      1. That probably is a luxury too far! Give them a super nintendo or something! I think there’s a myth that prison is too easy, its not, it’s really really shit. If you treat prisoners like animals then you create animals. There needs to be some focus on rehabilitation as well as punishment.


      2. It is too much of a luxury…I don’t think they need that kind of luxury for rehabilitation! I might have a somewhat adverse view of it, but I don’t think people like this guy in the video deserve a second chance.
        There are certain circumstances where I don’t think criminals should have the chance to be rehabilitated. The majority do…but prison should be a punishment as well and it costs the state so much money to essentially give them free accommodation. From what my boyfriend has said about this particular high security prison, it’s pretty cosy. We treat our homeless, elderly and I can speak from experience when I say our students also, with less dignity and care than we do our prisoners and I think that’s a slight misplacement of priorities.


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