Day 04: favourite horror movie

Argh! This is the most difficult one yet! Horror is my forte, and there are so many to choose from! I’m going with the film that had the most impact on me, and by impact I don’t necessarily mean it scared me. In fact, I watched this film when I was about 13 while I was home alone and sat in the dark. By age 13 I’d got pretty used to horror films having spent the summer between primary and secondary school watching all the scariest horror films I could find with my then best friend. We were eleven, we kicked off our summer of horror with the 2008 version of The Hills Have Eyes. But, The Hills Have Eyes isn’t my favourite by a long shot.


My favourite horror film is The Descent. There are many reasons why its my favourite, ignoring the atrocious sequel! It’s British, and the cast is entirely women. It’s an interesting and very risky approach to a horror film, having an all female cast but it has such a great effect. We aren’t faced with a bunch of one dimensional stereotypes like we are in so many horror films; we have a group of women, all different yet all relatable and realistic. There’s subtle humour at the beginning before it descends into claustrophobic terror. For me it’s a horror film that never gets old, I could watch it over and over and still enjoy it. It’s totally not a generic, cliche horror film at all, its surprisingly different and fresh.

6 thoughts on “Day 04: favourite horror movie

    1. Haha oh Insidious xD I loved it when I saw it in the cinema, so much so I bought the DVD…but now I’ve seen it a few more times, it just seems ridiculous. I love the soundtrack though, one of the best horror soundtracks of the last few years


  1. The Descent is an excellent choice. I was scared stiff just by the claustrophobia even before the creepy mutant guys showed up. I’m gonna be unoriginal and say The Exorcist. Although Shutter (the Thai original not the awful american rwmake) is a more recent one that terrifyed me


    1. Haha yeah it’s a very creepy film! I watched it with a friend recently who screamed even before they went in the cave! During the dream bit with the poles going through the window.
      The Exorcist is definitely a classic! And agreed, Shutter is a good film. Thailand are pretty good for horror films lately


  2. “Descent” is an excellent choice! If we’re going by biggest impact mine would have to be “Poltergeist”; pretty sure I didn’t sleep for about 2 years of my childhood because of that movie, yet I always revisit those feelings of being terrified when I write horror myself.


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