Is There Such Thing as Evil? Well Duh! Just look around you!

Warning: This video is GRAPHIC. If you’re easily upset or whatever, maybe give it a miss. But hey, it’s kind of important to see how evil us humans can be…

‘Is there such thing as evil?’ is a question I’ve often thought about, and as a keen animal lover I’ve always maintained that if you look at the sorts of things we do not just to our own kind but to innocent creatures, it’s impossible to think otherwise.

There is no explanation for some of the depravity and downright disgusting and disturbing behaviour that goes on in the world, it’s just pure evil. Whatever way you look at it; even if it’s down to mental illness, it’s still evil. Evil by definition means something or someone that is profoundly immoral, wicked, cruel or malevolent, so how could anyone possibly argue that someone who straps an explosive to a dogs face and lights it is not evil? And that’s just one small example of what goes on in this world.

An act like that is evil, whatever way you look at it and however you try to justify it. That doesn’t mean to say that people or individuals are evil, but they are capable of committing evil, and I think that’s the main reason that it’s difficult to ascertain whether evil exists or not. To say a person is evil would be an exaggeration. I don’t think any human being has the ability to be evil through and through; even people like Bin Laden were probably capable of love as difficult as it might be to believe. I don’t think there’s anyone that is completely evil. But there are people out there capable of committing evil, and it happens every day.

We have enough supporting evidence to argue that evil does exist, and that it’s prevalent in society every single day. Every day someone around the globe commits an act of evil, somewhere out there. Whether it’s animal cruelty, rape, child abuse, murder, arson, theft or any other wicked and depraved crime. Just look at the school shootings in America that keep happening, or the Boston bombings. The rates of animal mutilation are rising with people knowingly and deliberately mutilating their pets, either burning them, hitting them or in some cases hanging them and skinning them. When an act is completely unnecessary, there is no explanation other than pure evil.

The recent case of three kidnap victims finally escaping after about a decade of being kept in a house, presumed dead by their families, just goes to show the depths of some peoples’ depravity. Their kidnapper held them hostage, took away their rights and took away a decade of their lives against their will. What is that if it’s not evil?

Another fairly recent case I stumbled across was that of a family who’s two beloved pet dogs had been poisoned deliberately by their depraved neighbour. One dog died, coming in from the garden foaming at the mouth before collapsing dead in front of its distraught owners, the other survived with veterinary help. If that’s not evil I don’t know what is.

Animal cruelty is, in my opinion, one of the lowest and most depraved forms of evil. Animal and child cruelty; cruelty against living beings that are unable to defend themselves, unable to understand or even comprehend what’s going on and unable to help themselves if they need medical attention. I don’t even think there can even be an argument to defend the belief that evil doesn’t exist. Look around you, look at the news, for every one or two heartwarming or positive stories there’s at least one story of evil and depravity. After all we are the only species in the world that kills, harms, tortures and mutilates for sport.

9 thoughts on “Is There Such Thing as Evil? Well Duh! Just look around you!

  1. That was quite upsetting and I didn’t even watch the video. Personally I think the punishment for people who commit animal cruelty should be a lot harsher. They deserve proper jail time and not just a fine or something like that. I can’t understand how anyone could do these kinds of things. It truly disgusts me


    1. Unfortunately it’s sad but true…and it happens all the time. I agree, they sometimes get a bit of jail time, and the kids that did that to the dog might have a lifetime ban on keeping animals, but it’s not enough. I understand that ‘human life is more important’ but an act of completely depraved cruelty such as in the video should be dealt with properly. It says quite a lot about a person if they can do that to an animal and they probably shouldn’t be let off into society if they’re capable of such things!


  2. And they say that most serial killers start off by torturing animals. It really annoys me how powerless the authorities seem to be when it comes to animal cruelty. Growing up in the country I saw a lot of cruelty committed by farmers and no one ever reported the bastards


    1. That’s probably true! I judge a lot of people on how they treat dogs. If someone comes to my house and doesn’t appear to like my dog, then generally I won’t invite them back XD I don’t want to associate with people that don’t love animals.
      Farmers get away with so much cruelty, and now they’re enforcing an ag-gag so that people can’t, by law, go into farms or slaughter houses to film undercover and expose the cruelty. So the cruelty can continue to go on without anyone being able to expose it or do anything about it! horrible :/


    1. They had to put it down, it wandered the streets for five days with maggots infecting its face, unable to eat…so by the time it was taken to the vets there was nothing they could do


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