great films that hardly anyone has seen

I watched a film earlier that reminded me of a film I used to love, and it got me thinking about great films that hardly anyone has seen.

The film I was thinking about was Mr Rice’s Secret a 2000 drama about a terminally ill boy called Owen who’s life is saved when his deceased 400 year old friend leaves behind a treasure hunt that leads him to a ‘potion of life’. It stars David Bowie as the titular Mr Rice, and that is why I got the chance to see this film in the first place. My dad is a huge David Bowie fan, and consequently so am I, so we had Mr Rice’s Secret in our DVD collection for years (unfortunately I don’t think we still do).
It’s a nice, touching little film that I enjoyed when I was younger, so much so I watched it several times.


So here are a few more gems that I only found by chance. And because I only found them by chance, I’m assuming that not many people have seen, or even heard of them…

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus


A film I only heard of because of my obsession interest in Robert Downey Jr films. It’s a drama exploring what photographer Diane Arbus’ life might have been like before she became famous, and it looks at her encounter with a man suffering from hypertrichosis. It’s an underwatched and underrated film. I love how bizarre yet beautiful it is.

The Story of Luke


A more recent film, The Story of Luke was released in 2012. It’s a comedy drama about a young man with autism trying to build a life for himself. It’s a warmly funny film that deals with mental illness in a comical but tactful way and the performances are wonderful. It’s very similar to Mark Haddon’s novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. 

There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble


I honestly don’t know if this film went under the radar or not, it was another film in our DVD collection and my brother and me watched it a lot. It’s a comedy/drama film about a young lad who finds a pair of magic football boots. I don’t remember an awful lot about it, I just know that as kids we loved the film! And I’ve not heard it mentioned nor seen anything about it anywhere so my guess is that it slipped under most people’s radars. It’s probably not a ‘great’ film but I certainly remember loving it!

A Boy Called Dad


Another fairly recent independent film, A Boy Called Dad is about a boy  who accidentally becomes a father, and decides to run away with his baby son when he sees him being mistreated by its mother’s new boyfriend. It’s a very moving and stunning film, and the performances are great, particularly from Kyle Ward who plays the young father; it was his first acting role as well which is pretty impressive! The location is beautiful and the whole film is visually stunning and moving.

Year of the Dog


Year of the Dog is a comedy drama about a lonely, unmarried secretary who’s only friend is her dog. When her dog tragically dies she’s left depressed, and goes to ridiculous lengths to fill the dog shaped hole in her life. It’s funny and particularly moving for those of us who have dogs and particularly those of us who have lost them. It’s a cute, funny film that’s uplifting and silly but emotional at the same time.

The Mother


The Mother is a drama starring Daniel Craig and Anne Reid about a rather controversial and taboo topic; an older woman having an affair with a younger man. After her husband passes away she finds herself looking for something else, something that makes her feel young again. Despite the premise being something many would find off putting or ‘wrong’ it’s actually a very sweet film and at times enough to bring you to tears! The performances are outstanding, and it’s beautiful; and I don’t just mean Daniel Craig naked…but that helps!



My latest ‘Daily Prompt’ post would explain why this film hits quite close to home! Trust stars Clive Owen as a father in fear for his teenage daughter’s safety after she meets an online boyfriend. She becomes ensnared in his trap and eventually goes to meet him, but he’s not who she thinks he is; he’s a married man with children who forces her to do things she doesn’t want to. Trust is a poignant and moving film with some great performances, and it highlights the danger of chatrooms and other online services so readily available to young people. It’s a great film!

Red Dog


Red Dog is an Australian film about a stray dog that becomes famous in its community. It’s funny, warm and quite sad; I will admit I shed a tear or two! I’m a sucker for dog films! It’s a very vibrant and visually stunning film, it’s uplifting and fun and the dog is brilliantly well trained! He deserves an Oscar! And for your viewing pleasure, I’ve added a video of the dogs training in action…he’s very cute! Sadly the dog, Koko, passed away aged 7 with heart disease, poor little thing! He was such a talented and adorable dog.


10 thoughts on “great films that hardly anyone has seen

  1. red dog, I was forced to watch this with the missus, and have to say, I really enjoyed it- quite choked if i admit it!

    lars and the real girl- give that a go.


  2. I have seen “Fur” because it was from the same team who did “Secretary” and I did see “Year of The Dog”. I read about “Trust” and am afraid that movie will just make me angry and that’s why I have not seen it


    1. Ahh, Trust is ok, it speaks volumes to me because I was ‘groomed’ by a middle aged man on the internet when I was 12 and that’s pretty much what the film’s about…but I can see why you’d want to avoid it


  3. The only ones I have seen of them all is Jimmy Grimble, I still enjoy watching that film after all these years, the other one I have seen is Trust which is another great film and as you say shows the dangers of chatrooms and other online services, Red Dog is one I have been meaning to check out so that is definitely being put on my to watch list 🙂


  4. Another great film of David Bowie is Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Seen it many years ago but still great and the music is imprinted in my mind. Will have a look at Mr. Rice’s Secret. Thanks for the tip.


    1. Never even heard of that, thanks for the heads up! Will have to keep my eye out for it 😀 his films always have beautiful soundtracks 🙂 Mr Rice’s Secret is definitely worth a look 🙂


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