161MC Personal Evaluation of the 161 Module

One of our VTs
One of our VTs

Overall I think the project went well, I can’t say as I’m destined to work in a TV studio in the future; in fact I’d quite like to never set foot in one again! But I did enjoy it, sort of.

The 161 module started way back in the second term with a load of weird tasks including making a modernised fairytale using various online platforms including Facebook. I still don’t know what we were meant to learn from that in all honesty, apart from I now have a pretty good idea what Sleeping Beauty’s Facebook profile might have looked like! How any of the former tasks set in the second term of this module relate to what we’ve just been doing in the TV studio I have no idea, so to evaluate this as a module is pretty difficult! Eclectic is a good word for it.

I have learned quite a lot though really, predominantly I grasped the importance of multi-platform media. I went on to develop a

The set
The set

Facebook page and Twitter account for my blog and have done the same for my upcoming short film. All of this is really important in a media saturated society, and to be ‘current’ we obviously need to, well, be current! Keeping a finger on the media pulse is important for anyone wanting to work in the media and so I learned a lot about expanding something over various platforms in order to promote work and entice an audience.

The TV studio work for me was a bit of a roller coaster. I didn’t really like it, although I did start to enjoy it as we progressed. I think it was a combination of the satisfaction at seeing something we’d all worked hard at come together, finally having my timings sorted and knowing exactly what I was doing and the anticipation that the more days we spent in the studio the closer we were to the end of the module! The only interest I have in TV is non-studio stuff. I would love to work on long running drama shows like Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead, whose shoots are much like film shoots although over a longer period of time. I don’t like the studio structure, it’s all very technical and it doesn’t feel creative. As a PA I had no creative freedom…the most creative I got was changing the colour of the spreadsheet with all the timings in. I suppose I could’ve put on an accent while counting as well if I’d thought about it.

I’ve learned a lot about working in TV. Not just that I don’t like it either! Being in the studio and working under pressure has given me invaluable industry experience. I now know about all the different roles in the TV studio and what all the scary looking equipment does! I understand the importance of each role and learned the hard way (as did

My timing notes for the show
My timing notes for the show

the rest of the group) that each role relies heavily on every other role. If someone doesn’t turn up or isn’t doing their job properly it will all fall apart! Fortunately this only happened in our practice sessions! The standard of equipment available to us is great and it really gave me an insight into what it’s like working in a TV studio. It’s an eye opener to say the least and it’s very interesting. Throughout the course of the TV studio work I learned so much about how the industry works, what the various roles are and what it’s like being in a studio situation. I had no idea there were that many roles and it’s opened my eyes to jobs that I didn’t even know existed.

I think I’ve done well in this module although I was flagging to begin with. Being in Italy at Udine FEFF for 10 days set me back quite a lot and when I came back I was exhausted and had very little motivation. It didn’t help that I wasn’t particularly enjoying the module, and I’d just come back buzzing because Italy had been such a fantastic experience and I’d spent the time there doing what I loved in a professional environment. So coming back  to ‘the grindstone’ as it were played havoc with my motivation! But I eventually settled back in, worked hard and got there in the end! Once I got back into the swing of it I was fine, and despite not really enjoying the studio work I think I completed my role efficiently.


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