Five Gross ‘WTF!’ Asian Film Moments

1. Oldboy; The ‘live’ octopus scene. The first thing Oh Dae-Su wants to do when he has those ‘just been released after 13 years’ munchies, is to chow down on a live octopus. As you do!

When to look away: Pretty much the moment he says that he wants to eat something live! It’s all downhill from there!

2. Audition;  Asami Yamazaki’s cooking skills leave  a lot to be desired, and she serves up a nice bowl of fresh vom’ for her hostages’ tea.

When to look away: As soon as she vom’s in the bowl…what happens next is not pretty!

3. I Saw the Devil; If you don’t like gore, it’s probably best to avoid this film altogether, however if you like gore and want to watch a man sift through a toilet of his own diarrhoea to find a teeny tiny tracking device, then this is the film for you!

When to look away: Pretty soon after he takes those laxatives! You can probably tell where that’s going!

You’re in luck! I can’t find a video of the poo scene, so here’s the trailer instead!

4. Ichi the Killer: Kakihara cuts off the top of his own tongue to offer to Suzuki’s boss as penance for torturing him despite his innocence.

When to look away: When he ties that napkin around his neck and sets to work!


5. Audition: This is worthy of another mention because it is such a disturbing film. Asami Yamazaki sets about torturing her victim using acupuncture. But it’s not so much the torture that’s so weird, it’s the strange noise she makes that sounds remarkably like ‘here kitty kitty!’

When to look away: This scene isn’t so bad, unless you hate needles like I do! Maybe look away the moment she picks up one of the needles and straddles her victim.

6 thoughts on “Five Gross ‘WTF!’ Asian Film Moments

  1. Not to be a dick, but it’s not Ichi who cuts off his own tongue, that’s Kakihara. Nice write up though… some excellent choices!


  2. Hi Natasha,

    Have you seen “Gozu”? The whole film is pretty much gross out the whole way. It’s Takashi Miike also. Weird how he is the common denominator. Check out the clips on Youtube if you haven’t already. Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks great. Deeply jealous. I’ll be rekindling my own in the near future so feel free to drop by.


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