Is Technology Making us Dumb?

kindle_2366549bTechnology is making us dumber! This was the consensus of a recent study into technology and its impact on our day to day lives.
While technology is fantastic, and has improved our lives vastly over recent years, it also provides lots of distractions and plenty of excuses. Why try to solve a problem yourself using your brain when you’re just seconds away from the internet wherever you are? Most mobile phones these days have some form of internet access, and with people growing more and more attached to iPhones, Blackberries and other fancy phones that seem to do everything save hoover the floor, it’s no wonder we’re constantly distracted.

I’m a relatively old fashioned person. Brought up in a household that owns the bare minimum of modern technology, I own a first generation iPod touch that barely works and a standard Nokia phone with very few features. The only remotely fancy piece of technology I have is my mac book, which was ‘free’ with my chosen university course (I say ‘free’ somewhat skeptically, considering the amount I’m paying for tuition!) I can’t afford to keep up with technology and no iphone5_2476157bsooner have you forked out on the latest iMust-have, another five versions have been released. My phone makes phone calls and sends texts, what on earth else do I need it for?!

It’s no wonder that technology is making us dumber, it provides plenty of excuses to not do things ourselves. We don’t need to go to the supermarket and do our shopping because online shopping is just a click away. We don’t need to communicate with human beings over the phone because we can use chat services online for most companies and we don’t even need to see another human being when we enter a shop because the self service checkouts are readily available; in the bank you can now visit a machine to pay your money or cheques into your account rather than go to a member of staff. Not only does this put lots of jobs in jeopardy but it also makes the staff lazy and less in tune with how things work, and frankly it’s a pain in the arse because technology doesn’t always work!

Apple_iToilet_-_For_the_True_Apple_FanHaving access to the internet and other forms of communication 24/7 is definitely having an impact on us, probably for the worst! Very often when I’m trying to sleep I’ll get the compulsion to check Facebook, and I spend most of the day consistently with Facebook open in a browser on my laptop. I’ve even fallen into the habit of checking it on my phone. Fortunately my phone doesn’t do much else other than access Facebook so I’m not one of those people constantly receiving and replying to emails. People are losing touch with proper communication, I’d sooner send an email than make a phone call or talk to someone in person and it’s doubtless going to have an even bigger impact on children who will grow up surrounded by all this technology.

We’re finding technology replacements for almost everything. We’ve replaced books with Kindles (don’t get me started on Kindle users! I don’t understand why anyone would want one) no doubt we’ll be replacing newspapers with a similar contraption on which we can download a newspaper every morning rather than, god forbid, walk to the shop and buy one.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with technology. I can’t afford an iPhone, which everyone seems to swear by self-service-checkoutthese days, and to be honest I don’t want one. Why does a mobile phone need to do everything a computer does? Seems like a ridiculous waste of money. It goes without saying that there will be fewer jobs the more we rely on technology. Supermarkets need less staff thanks to self service checkouts, if the Kindle craze continues we won’t need to print so many books and the humans doing that will doubtless lose a few jobs and the list goes on. Humans being replaced by technology will only encourage a lazy society; if we don’t need to be able to add up or work out things because technology will do it for us, then why bother to learn?!


9 thoughts on “Is Technology Making us Dumb?

  1. It’s radically changed the way people think, not necessarily dumbing down people but children being raised will have far less memory retention for example than older generations. Yeah I am in tech industry, destroying children’s minds and taking peoples jobs mwahahahahaha 😀


    1. It’s not so much a bad thing, but it’s a shame so many jobs will become unnecessary and so many children will recede into their mobile phones. My 12 year old cousin has been using Facebook regularly for at least a year, and has had a mobile phone for about that long’s crazy!


  2. I have a few things to say about this:
    a) Everytime a line of young people forms outside the Apple store for their latest product – they are ensuring that all the jobs (jobs they need) stay in China. b) at least with Kindle, people are still reading – which was something that was definitely in jeopardy with all the new media – in fact – I think more people are reading now than 10 years ago. c) There was a great short in the film, Doomsday Book (an Asian film) that addressed this issue of people getting dumber because of the computers and androids doing everything for them. d) I hate that I CAN’T CALL ANYWHERE and SPEAK TO A HUMAN ANYMORE. phone prompts, put in your account number, last four digits of your social, choose from the main menu, into another menu, into another menu, leave a message, look online for the answer, it’s a bunch of BULL SH*T!… and thats not all but, I’ll stop here before I use up all the space on your page 😉


    1. And those young people lining outside the apple store are exactly the ones being made dumber! I’ll take my shitty Nokia over an iPhone any day.
      Doesn’t bother me whether people read or not, although it’d be a shame if everyone stopped. I have a personal hatred of Kindles and other e-books…and I fear the day that they stop printing books.
      I literally despise phoning anywhere when I need help because I hate all that phone prompt shit and being put on hold and then having to type in numbers…usually I’ve forgotten that I need my card or account details and wind up having to take it out of my purse one handed with the phone in the other…drives me mad! Not to mention when you have to repeat yourself multiple times because the machine doesn’t understand.
      I physically went to the bank the other day, only to pay a cheque in, and was referred to a machine. is it too much to ask to just speak to a human being? apparently so :/ hate it…and those machines take me ages to figure out and I’m always worrying it hasn’t worked…so much easier to just speak to a person


    1. I know! Or the staff member manning them is off doing something else so you end up stood there like a lemon with a queue of people tutting and huffing impatiently behind you! Not good at all


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