TV Studio Progress – Week by Week

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 10.32.32Yesterday I feel we made quite a lot of progress, although we’re still having issues with people not turning up yet it’s less than 5 days until our broadcast date! Everyone that does turn up is doing a brilliant job, but we’re hindered by people not coming in particularly one of the presenters who scarcely turns up, or turns  up and then makes an excuse to only be there for a short amount of time.
However I did manage to finish off the timings yesterday and aside from the fact that still the presenters don’t wrap up when I get to ‘1’ the timings now should be about spot on. The thing we really need to get into the habit of is the presenters wrapping up what they’re saying before I count to 1…because we can’t afford to spend any more time making timings and the show has to run to time on the day. Rather than them carry on till they’re finished then tell me my timings are wrong, they need to stick to the timings and find a way to end whatever section they’re on quickly.

936898_550681334954030_1824338412_nOther than that there aren’t any major issues. The director and the producer have done an amazing job, we definitely voted for the best people for the jobs! The director has been efficient with helping everyone and also coming up with the idea for the show in the first place, and the producer has just been amazing at her job! The hard work and dedication that she has put in; sending regular group texts to everyone in the group to remind them of sessions and organising pretty much everything including getting a sponsor who gave us £80 to spend on the set design, is fantastic and greatly appreciated by everyone.

The set design is looking good, obviously on a low budget we weren’t able to have fancy sofas and things, we did have to make do with what we could find, but with a few details like cushions and glow in the dark stars it looks pretty good and it definitely matches our logo and general house style.

The presenters are doing well and are starting to relax into the role a bit more. I think it’s a bit unfair for the module to state that we923051_550681378287359_2054562552_n have to source the presenters out of our group and not get actors in, because everyone’s scrutinising them and expecting them to be perfect; but we’re media production students, not actors! They seem to be enjoying the role but it puts unnecessary pressure on them when people are asking them to speak a certain way or to sound/look less wooden because they’re not professional presenters and most likely haven’t done it before in their lives! Having said that they are doing a  very good job and the show is becoming more fluent the more we practice.

Everyone in the gallery is working well and everyone has settled in to their roles. We can all trust each other to do their job so no one is having to particularly oversee anything, which saves the producer and director time.

I’m enjoying the TV studio a bit more now, I think having a better idea of what I’m doing helps! Today we have a long session and we’ll be doing a few run throughs until we get it perfect so hopefully it will all come together.

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