Four Days until Assessment! – Week by Week

It’s just four days until the assessment and we have just one more practice session left. Eek!
On the plus side, we’ve got the TV show nailed!

Today’s three and a half hour session was so productive I wondered if I’d wandered into the wrong session! Kidding aside, this group has been fantastic from start to finish. I felt so bad that I’d missed 10 days going to Udine FEFF with CUEAFS but I’ve caught up and have done the timings for the show pretty efficiently. The producer and director in particular have been amazing! Ross has done a brilliant job of not only coming up with the idea but being involved with every aspect of making the show in order to direct something smooth and visually pleasing. Laura, the producer, has been so amazing at her job that I’m wondering why she’s not a film/TV producer already! She’s organised everything, included everyone and been firm and efficient with her organisation. The director and producer are the main reasons for the show turning out so well.

We did several full run-throughs today, someone had to step in for the expert with whom we will be having an interview on the day, and we missed out the musical performance at the end; the musician will of course be there on the day too! Everything else is looking great, the presenters are doing well, the lighting is spot on, the set design is great the sound and everything is perfect and everyone’s working so hard. Obviously I can’t and won’t take credit for any of this…all I’ve been doing is timing the show and counting items in and out! I mean my timings are good and all but it has little impact other than making sure everything runs to time and the presenters have cues for when VT’s are about to start or finish.

I feel like I’m doing well in my role, the timings are correct now and I learned to count to ten when I was a kid so I’ve got that bit down to a tee! Just looking forward to getting the assessment over with now!

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