161MC Impact of Different Media Forms: Multi Platform

Most businesses, films and professional individuals make use of multi platform media these days because it’s a good way to gain publicity, promote a professional portfolio and most importantly gain an audience for your work. Lots of people use Facebook and Twitter now, and people rely on websites more than traditional methods of advertising such as newspaper adverts. If people are in need of something be it a builder, a plumber or even if a company needs a photographer or filmmaker to make promotional material they will most likely look online.
The impact of utilising different media forms is important to any growing business or professional. It’s the perfect way to get your work seen by a wider audience and to make yourself known. The internet is a huge part of the media, and if you want to work in the media you have to embrace it and make sure you’re up to date and able to use it properly. Simple things like linking your blog to your twitter account so that your posts are ‘tweeted’ to your followers makes a big difference.

Having a Facebook page and Twitter account for your company is all part and parcel of being successful. Most films now have Facebook pages, likewise a lot of them have Twitter accounts. Particularly for independent film and filmmakers, Twitter and Facebook are great ways to get your work seen.

As an example, I’ve chosen to look at the recent independent British film Sightseers.

Being an independent film, Sightseers obviously had to build an audience, and it would’ve been a lot more difficult than it would be for bigger budget films. Sightseers has a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a blog used to generate an audience and get the word out about the film. The blog has social plugins including a Facebook ‘like’ option while the Facebook page ¬†has a link to their Twitter account in the information.

sightseersUsing these different media platforms has a huge impact on the audience of a text. For instance, if someone follows the film on Twitter and retweets or favourites something, then all their followers see it and find out about the film. The same goes for Facebook. Users can ‘share’ content on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter and that opens it up to a wider audience. The blog is another way to gather interest because people can go to it for more information. The social plugins that allow people to ‘like’ the film on Facebook again make it known to other users of the site.

These days people will lose interest in something if it doesn’t have a website or social media page because we’re so reliant on the media for information. Social plugins are an important aspect of using different media platforms because if someone stumbles across your website and likes what they see, they’re usually looking for a way to follow what’s going on and keep up to date. I know that if I go onto a blog that doesn’t have a ‘follow’ option I immediately lose interest. Being able to follow something or like it on facebook provides people with an easy way to keep up to date with something, for example a film. If they can’t follow or like it in order to keep up then it takes extra effort to save the page to your favourites and keep going back to check it regularly and a lot of people won’t put that effort in. In order to gather and engage a dedicated audience companies, films, media producers, writers…anyone who might use social networking and media as a form of promotion, need to engage the audience on more than one platform and enable cross-platform communication. This not only keeps your audience interested but it opens it up for promotion, as people can then go and share your work on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve learned a lot about the importance of different media through this module, beginning with the cross platform story telling with the fairytale task. I have gone on to utilise the various platforms to promote not just my blog but also my upcoming short film as well. Both my blog and short film have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and a blog (or in the case of my short film, a website). In doing this I’ve found that my blog and in turn my work gets more views, shares, ‘likes’ etc. More people are interested in the short film, so I already have an audience, and more people are seeing my work. It’s had a huge impact on the success of this blog which has just reached over 10,000 views in the eight months that I’ve been writing on it, it also reached the 1000 ‘likes’ mark a while back and has over 1000 comments. Without a Twitter account linked to the blog, and a Facebook page, my audience and readership would be considerably less.

My blog's Facebook page
My blog’s Facebook page
My film's Facebook page
My film’s Facebook page
My film's website (with direct links to the facebook and twitter pages in the header)
My film’s website (with direct links to the facebook and twitter pages in the header)
My blog's twitter page
My blog’s twitter page
My film's twitter page
My film’s twitter page

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