Did Wes Craven Kill Stalk-and-Slash? First Article for Movie Ramblings

NE3iUqerJHAb69_1_1Good horror films are few and far between, and most of the decent ones these days are foreign.

I don’t know whether it’s down to a lack of originality, or whether there just isn’t as much of an audience for Western horror anymore, but the last horror ‘icon’ to hit our screens was arguably Ghostface. The first Scream film came out back in 1996, and directed by Wes Craven (responsible for the original Nightmare on Elm Street films) it cleverly mocked the horror genre and pointed out all its clichés…

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9 thoughts on “Did Wes Craven Kill Stalk-and-Slash? First Article for Movie Ramblings

    1. I don’t think she ruined them, for most people that aren’t teenage girls vampires are still as they used to be.
      He hasn’t ‘ruined’ it per se, but like the entire postmodern movement, he’s opened peoples eyes to the ‘secrets’ of the industry and the genre which is why people are becoming harder to please…since Scream, there couldn’t be another stalk and slash franchise like the old classics without people being skeptical and knowing the formula. It’s part of what postmodernism has done.
      That being said, I love Scream and postmodern films…I can just see it from both angles 😀


      1. I’ve never found them scary xD lol…Dracula and the original vampires weren’t very scary anyway,
        I think Stake Land is potentially the only time I’ve found them slightly scary….and they’re more like zombies :S


      2. some of them were, some of the dracula films are terrible though :/
        didn’t find interview with the vampire scary. good film though, not keen on the queen of the damned so much.


      3. No that’s what I meant, did you think it was good. I give it a good decade before we get some good ones again 😦 At least the Host didn’t take off 😀


      4. Yeah I reckon it’ll be a while too! Shame I guess, but I spose we have to let Twilight get out of the system before it can be taken seriously again xD
        I kind of want to watch the host, only because I liked the book…but then, I was 13 when I read it XD haha


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