Net TV Update-Week by Week

-our new title sequence

We have two practice sessions left before we ‘broadcast as live’. TWO! I’ll admit, I’m terrified.
Our run through today would’ve been successful if it wasn’t for the absence of someone we were relying on. He is part of one of the studio segments, and because he was absent last week as well, I was unable to get the timings for the part of the show in which he features. Because we’re so close to our assessment date, we had to go on without him and someone stepped in to read his lines. I managed to get a rough timing for the section, and now have timings for the whole show.

The timings are slightly off at times but we got there in the end and our last few run throughs were spot on. Myself and the director explained to the presenters that the timings have to be spot on or we’ll over run; one of the things stressed to us throughout the first few lectures and the introduction to the studio. It’s a combination effort between the floor manager and the presenters to wrap up what they’re saying before the PA counts down to 1. Timings for TV are strict and you have to be spot on. Previously, if I started counting down before they’d finish, they’d continue till they were done whereas now we’ve stressed the importance of wrapping it up so that the show can run to time. My maths is questionable so I have screwed up a fair few times with the timing but it all came together at the end!

my timings and cues
my timings and cues

For the most part our teamwork is good, but still only about fourteen of us are turning up out of a group of 24, and only a handful of the people absent had let the producer or director know in advance. The director has decided that anyone absent without notice in Thursday’s session will be, essentially, kicked out of the show. The assessment will be intense and if the people who’ve been absent turn up on the day they won’t be up to date with what we’ve been doing and won’t know what to do themselves.

I’m pretty confident about how things are going, the timings are almost spot on now it’s just a case of practicing. We’re almost at the 12 minute mark which is great, and by the time we add in the performance at the end and the end credits we’ll be bang on time. I’m looking forward to getting this module out the way. I’m enjoying it a bit more now that I’ve got back into it and I know what I’m doing, and I work well under pressure so I enjoy the challenge, but it’s still not for me at all and I’m just itching to leave for summer and make my short film…which will be a creative challenge rather than a mathematical one!

3 thoughts on “Net TV Update-Week by Week

  1. It will be a rude awakening for those folks who haven’t bothered to turn up! These are always a few who just don’t get it! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! 😀


    1. That’s why I like choosing who I work with, can make a crew out of people I trust!
      I’m sure I’ll screw up on the day, but the worst that can happen is someone gets angry at me…and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to deal with that!


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