161MC TV Studio Practice, 30th April – Week by Week

575532_550681401620690_461151557_nToday I got back into the TV studio for the first time since I went to Italy. I haven’t got as much to catch up on as I thought and the group has been very efficient in planning and it’s all coming together nicely. As PA I have to go through the script with the other PA of the group and use a stopwatch as the practice show takes place. We are responsible for making sure the show runs to time which is important for a live broadcast that isn’t edited.

We still have to refine the script and write down the timings for each item of the show. We will do this during each session and as the script progresses, and when the presenters are all in we will get a feel for the way they present and will be able to judge how long each item will take. Hopefully this will mean the live broadcast of the show will run to time.

The set design is looking good and is starting to come together, the VT’s that we’ve made are looking great and everything seems to be going smoothly so far. The script is coming together well and the presenters are doing a good job in the run throughs. It’s hard 164655_550681518287345_759989422_nwork and it’s very stressful when in the studio because it’s a small place and it’s so easy to get something wrong, and if one person messes up it has a domino effect because each role is so reliant on the running of the other roles.

I think we have plenty of time to perfect the show though and I think we’re quite ahead with what we’ve got so far.

I’m not enjoying this module at all and the TV studio itself fells like a graveyard for creativity. It’s like laying your creativity to rest every time you set foot in there. Sitting and counting the show on a stopwatch is a technical and very uninspiring task, and I’ve not seen a role in the studio that isn’t too technical for me. There’s something about TV studio work as opposed to working on a film set that is really uninspiring for me. I don’t like the technical side of media production and I have a creative mind, so having to sit and look at screens and technical equipment while counting in script items with a stopwatch is my idea of hell! Obviously doing this module has taught me a lot and it’s great experience but it’s really not for me. I work well under pressure 601860_550682174953946_124277990_nbut that’s not the kind of environment I like to be in…the gallery is crowded because not only is it small but the stations are very close together, so the PA is sat right next to the director, the director has the vision mixer right beside them too and it all feels so squashed. When I’m working in a stressful environment I much prefer not being so close to other people. As great as this module is in terms of giving us realistic industry experience, I now know for sure that I definitely don’t want to work in a TV studio!


24 thoughts on “161MC TV Studio Practice, 30th April – Week by Week

  1. Television…So time oriented. I remember taping my off-screen lines for the Tonka commercial in 1989. “That was great Michael, but it’s .9 seconds too slow. Can you speed it up?” “That’s fantastic Michael, but now it’s too fast by .5 seconds…” Yeah, stopwatch creativity death… Great post!


    1. It is soooo so uninspiring it’s actually depressing! I swear to god if I ever work in TV it will be on dramas like Sons of Anarchy and the FX dramas that are shot like a film. I couldn’t do this studio malarkey! There’s nothing creative about it and the technical stuff hurts my brain 😦 can’t wait for this to be over! only 3 weeks to go!!


      1. It’s god awful! I can honestly say that I’ve learned nothing of worth…apart from my ability to count under pressure may have improved. Of course if I wanted to work in a TV studio, I’d have learned lots of great stuff, but nothing so far is going to help xD
        Our actual filmmaking was more helpful training for filmmaking haha and we’ve done a lot of that so far. this is just….depressing


      2. yeah, I suppose πŸ˜› although I’m learning more and more what I don’t want to do, and not so much what I do xD haha basically…I don’t want to do anything, it’s all too much effort


      3. Unfortunately so! 😦
        I do wonder why I’m doing what I’m doing sometimes, wtf was I thinking?!
        Oh well, I have shoe expertise to fall back on if I need to. Mind you, selling walking boots was depressing too


      4. and that’s why saps like me have (had) to fit walking and running shoes properly so they don’t make peoples feet sore xD
        feet depress me but only because mine are too big and I can’t find nice shoes anywhere xD haha


      5. Mine are just average size! LOL My first wife had “Olive Oyl” feet (from the Popeye cartoon) huge long feet with long toes, I used to say that she could water sky barefoot…LOL


      6. lol that’s charming πŸ˜› my shoes regularly get called canoes, despite the fact that in my house both my brother and dad have bigger feet than me! I’m only a 9, but since most places only do womens shoes up to an 8 it’s pretty difficult xD I swear if they existed I’d have a foot reduction!


      7. My first wives shoe size was an 8 in the US…But don’t feel too bad, I worked with a gal at the prison who had a size 10! I kid you not, she had to wear a blokes uniform shoe to work!


      8. I know that feeling! I’ve had to wear mens shoes plenty of times before! One of my friends is a 10 as well, although she’s really tall so it doesn’t look out of place xD I’m pretty tall but I still think my feet look ridiculous! Maybe I’m just destined to join the circus! reckon if I put my mind to it I could grow a beard? πŸ˜› haha


      9. LOL just take those hormone replacement things…testosterone supplements. That grows beards…I think…I’m a little shaky on how that whole thing works! LOL


      10. Yes they do gotta love a bit of…rough…rugged…(trying to decide which one of the two sounds less dirty…probably neither!) Tony Stark wouldn’t be the same without a beard πŸ˜‰


      11. Ah! But he does not have a whole beard! He has a ‘tache and a goatee. Vive la difference! πŸ˜€ One is classy and tother is sloppy-ish. Yeah you’re right, both sound dirty! LOL


      12. All right all right, minor technicalities! It’s still a beard πŸ˜› if it’s long enough to get food in it then that’s not great but I can’t be dealing with pretty little hairless man children, that’s even worse!
        I have a habit of making things sound dirty :/ oh well, makes life more interesting!


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