Net TV Progress – Week by Week

Our TV show for 161 MC is coming along well, although because I was in Udine for the last ten days at Udine FEFF I’ve not been involved in the process.
I’ve kept up to date with what the group has been up to so I know where we are with the project, and they’ve all done really well.
I feel really behind with everything and now that the TV show has progressed so far, and it’s only three weeks till we broadcast as live,  so I don’t really feel like part of the project, and nor do I feel like there’s anything much I can do. However I’m still keeping up to date with what’s going on and I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow to get up to speed. I’ve been adding bits to my Wix website every now and then and when we’ve got some video footage from the show I will upload that too. I can also start editing the house style of the website once we have graphics and logos for the show.
Our show is about UFO’s and discussing whether people think they’re real or not. Here’s one of the VT’s we’ve made for the show

And here are some behind the scenes shots of the studio and the set design:

65603_550681974953966_1295808180_n 164655_550681518287345_759989422_n 298071_550682244953939_1038096974_n 395601_550681894953974_1929508279_n 431874_550682294953934_1547221630_n 551288_550681834953980_151887355_n 575532_550681401620690_461151557_n 601860_550682174953946_124277990_n 923051_550681378287359_2054562552_n 936898_550681334954030_1824338412_n

3 thoughts on “Net TV Progress – Week by Week

  1. In the second to last picture, the girl in the grey sweater/jumper looks like she is wearing a multicoloured dunce cap! LOL Looks very busy and industrious (the studio, not the cap). 😀


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