TV Research: 161MC

television_icon.265115133_stdWhere does TV fit in the world of media?

TV is one of the main sources of entertainment consumed every day by people around the world. It provides a multitude of choice for audiences with Sky and Freeview allowing for hundreds of different channels. It is probably one of the most influential and steadfast mediums and has a large impact on audiences. It can cover anything and cater for all different tastes, so it attracts a very wide audience. 

How is TV evolving to keep its audience?

 TV is becoming more interactive, incorporating Twitter and Facebook, allowing viewers to interact with programmes using social

social networking
social networking

media. As media evolves more and more people are using social media, be it to tweet about something they’ve seen or to tweet or send facebook messages directly to TV shows and their creators. People like to feel involved, and a part of the media so TV is evolving to cater for this growing need for interaction.

Why do magazine shows remain popular?

They are full of different inserts and one episode of, for example, The One Show, can cover several different topics in one show. They have celebrity guests, news stories and they invite audiences to contribute using social networking. They are a familiar format and they make easy watching, and because each episode can cover a variety of different topics they appeal to a wide audience. They deal with current affairs so never get ‘out of One-Show-smalldate’ and people like to see glimpses of celebrity life, for example through interviews with celebrities, because it makes audiences feel like they’re getting exclusive information and thus they feel a part of the media world.

5 thoughts on “TV Research: 161MC

  1. Magazine (variety) shows go through popularity phases here. Some years IN,others very OUT. In the US they aren’t in right now. We are dominated by crime series and “reality” carp. We watch a lot of reruns.


      1. Interesting how we are similar and different. The 1950s and 1960s were the peak years for variety shows. Everyone was doing them. Then they all disappeared and haven’t come back. Other than the late night talk shows which are arguably variety/magazine shows, I can’t think of any. There are some Spanish-language ones that are very popular but in English? It doesn’t mean we won’t have 50 of them on next season. Meantime, it’s cops and crime. I like a good cop show as much as anyone, but they are so similar I can do dialogue even if I’ve never seen it before. I swear they use each other’s old scripts!


      2. They are all much of a muchness…There are two crime type drama’s on at the moment that are basically the same with different actors! I watch more US TV than I do UK, although we have some good dramas they seem to be few and far between while most of my favourite long running shows come from the US. Maybe there’s a bigger budget for long running shows there than here, or just bigger and better studios


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