Short Film (Once Bitten, Twice Shy) Progress

obtsnewThought it was about time I posted an update about my upcoming short Once Bitten, Twice Shy which I’ve been planning for a while now. So far I’ve got a script, a crew, actors and have started getting props. I’ve spoken to someone about a possible location but need to chase them up soon…should be fine though! And fundraising is going well.

Fortunately being as we’ve got access to a media loan shop here at uni we can get high end equipment for free, equipment is obviously a large part of a films budget so in that respect we’re very lucky! We’re shooting on a Canon 550D which have beautifully crisp pictures, and recording sound using a generic recording device like an Edirol (probably will be an Edirol but there’s a couple of different options) with a boom mic attached. Then there’s lighting and a tripod and dolly…so thankfully not an awful lot to set up!

Literally all there is left to do is cover travel expenses and buy the last few props and of course the costumes. I’ll be paying the homeowners for the use of their house as the set as well but being as we’re only shooting for one day that won’t be much either.

I’ve just bought some film blood which should ship tomorrow, and the special effects make up turned up the other day. I’ve been collecting empty beer bottles which we need as props; emptying them wasn’t too much of a challenge 😉 and I have an air gun as well. The gun was the most difficult prop, or so I thought, but it turned out my dad had one all along! Now the most difficult prop is a stuffed deer’s head, but it’s not completely essential in all honesty!

The rest I’ll be paying for, somehow! If it means going without food for a few weeks then so be it, this film means a lot to me and I’m desperate for it to turn out well! There’s no reason why it can’t be great, and time is the one thing we have got plenty of! So saving up money to fund it shouldn’t be an issue.

Me being me I’ve been flapping about the whole thing for a while, I panic way too much! The thing I’m most worried about is letting people down, but that’s just the way I am! If it turns out sh*t it’s my fault, not that it will, I hope! So I’m really hoping it all falls into place. To be honest it’s probably more organised than I’m letting myself believe and no doubt there’s nothing at all to worry about. Nothing’s ever as bad as you think it is and all that!

The plus side is that filming it will be great fun. Judging by the fun we had filming our other short ‘The Man Inside’ (which was pretty much the same crew as for Once Bitten) it will be a right laugh. Not sure how I’ll fare as director though, I usually end up in fits of giggles having to leave the room so as not to disrupt a take with my laughing but I’m sure I can pull myself together! Outtakes are just too funny, and don’t worry…there will be a gag reel for the film…I’ll probably make the gag reel before I even edit the actual film to be honest!! I’ve no doubt that it’ll be fun…with a great crew and cast you can’t go wrong!

So watch this space, by the looks of it we could be filming in June/July time (although don’t quote me on that!) So keep your eyes peeled for more updates and of course the all important gag reel!

Please like the film’s Facebook page and share it with whoever might be interested, it’d be much appreciated

And if you have a spare pound or two and are interested in investing something into the production of the film, our Indiegogo page can be found here–2/x/2816277

(bear in mind £2000 was just used as a guide for the indiegogo campaign but the film can and will be produced on a tiny budget compared to that!!)

Thanks for your support 😀


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