2001 Maniacs – ‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it’

movies_images_2005_2001maniacs_movie-fs_012001 Maniacs 
is a tongue in cheek comedy/horror directed by Tim Sullivan about a town of Southern ‘maniacs’ out to avenge their deaths in the civil war over one hundred years earlier. A group of unwitting college students on spring break stumble into the town when they take a detour and get sucked in to the town’s mysterious sounding ‘guts and glory festival’.

You can probably guess where that’s going.

Starring Robert Englund, famed for his role as creature of nightmares Freddy Krueger, alongside Lin Shaye who has an impressively large filmography and also appeared in A Nightmare on Elm Street with Robert Englund back in 1984, 2001 Maniacs is a bizarre but brutally funny comedy horror all set in a claustrophobic twisted little town. 

It relies heavily on the out right bizarre and an awful lot of gore with a fairly limp connection to history and the grudges held 2001maniacsbetween the North and South of America after the Civil War. The story and reasoning behind it is questionable, but the performances and the complete absurdity of the characters makes up for where the story lacks.

I think the term ‘horror’ is used quite loosely in reference to this film and it fits more as a black comedy. It is pretty gory but the town and the people are too bright and cheerful, and it’s all too funny, for it to be a horror! The representation of the Southern states of America might be somewhat questionable, but it works. The small town theme allows for a lot of subtle humour, and some not so subtle. It is a sex driven gore fest but it’s entertaining all the same.

2001-2Bizarre doesn’t even come close! It’s one of those films that you’ll either love or hate. But I love it. There are hidden gems of humour that I didn’t notice before, despite today being the third or fourth time I’ve seen the film. I even had to jot one quote down so I could mention it in my review because it made me laugh out loud, and that was when Englund’s character Mayor Buckman says “Son, one time I had full confidence in a fart. Shit all over myself.” The entire film is full of ridiculous humour, and while it’s not a particularly good horror it is great fun.

Perhaps the disappointment and negative reviews that surround this film are 2001_MANIACS082because of just that; people expected a horror. But if you can let that slide and enjoy it for what it is, it’s great fun.

15 thoughts on “2001 Maniacs – ‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it’

  1. This movie…. lol – it’s good fun…. the second one really sucked it though : ) – if you ever have a chance (or the desire) to see Tim Sullivan murdering everyone as a NUN, check out Bloody Bloody Bible Camp : )

    I don’t go around posting my links on other people’s sites ~ but there’s some good fun over on mine about that movie : )


    1. I didn’t know there was a second one! Think I’ll avoid it they’re usually terrible!! This is not the kind of film that can pull off a sequel. Great fun though


    1. Thanks 😀
      Of course, the gore is the best part! And Robert Englund of course!
      Love this film, I don’t even know why…I watched it a long time ago, and was completely hooked! I think I taped it because I thought it was a ‘horror’ horror…but fortunately wasn’t disappointed!


      1. I stumble upon it completely by chance. Saw that Englund was in it (I’ve been a fan since he played the tragic lizard alien in V who wanted to be friends with humans rather than eat them) and like you, fell in love with the film! 😀


    2. Lol a lizard?! oh god now I’m going to have to look that up as well xD Did you by any chance see him on the Come Dine with Me Halloween special? Had me in stitches!


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