The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Walking DeadThe Walking Dead’s third series came to a rather disappointing end on Friday here in the UK. Everything was geared towards an explosive final fight between The Governor and the ‘prison gang’ but unfortunately it didn’t deliver.

This series has had its ups and downs and it has let go of several main characters, but it seems to be clinging too tightly to its protagonists and is unwilling to let any of them die for the sake of a bit of excitement. Instead the final episode fizzled out into an unsatisfyingly happy, optimistic ending.

David Morrisey’s ‘The Governor’ has been a formidable and unpredictable character throughout the series and his ruthlessness has spared no man, so everything was pointing towards a very exciting final episode with lots of blood shed. I was hoping for a few of the main characters to die in battle, if nothing else it would have made things a bit Walking-Dead-The-Governor-3more exciting.

The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy are two long-running series that I follow closely, so it’s hard not to draw comparisons between the two despite them both being very different. They are somewhat similar in terms of the writing and the development of the characters, and I was expecting the producers of TWD to be as ruthless with their characters as Kurt Sutter is with his SOA protagonists. As sad as it is when characters you’ve grown attached to die, it’s sometimes necessary.

I think the unrealistically happy ending that we were left with last week has made TWD much harder to believe and to relate to. twd-episode-301-maggie-gas-mask-560Personally I want it to be bleak and ruthless, not optimistic. There’s not much place for optimism in a world overrun by zombies and if you want a happy ending, a zombie apocalypse series is not the way to go!

It had an overwhelming sense of playing it safe, of clinging tightly to the characters instead of being ruthless. For me it was quite a let down…I wanted resolution to the story arc surrounding The Governor, ideally through a big fight at the end between the two groups, I didn’t imagine that The Governor would simply turn on his heel and flee the conflict when the going got tough and to me that didn’t seem true to his character at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire third series of The Walking Dead don’t get me wrong. I love the show and it’s one of the few 74db1b703f0400c420540494684683a4series’ yet to completely let me down (unlike True Blood!) but I came away from the final episode feeling let down, there’s no cliff hanger to make me excited for the next series, nothing to keep me thinking about it…it was a very forgettable episode.

9 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

  1. I was disappointed too. For the whole second half of the season, we’ve been building and building… and in the end, there’s no pay-off.

    Hopefully they finally learn their lesson next season.


    1. I’m glad it’s not just me that was disappointed! I thought I might have just been being picky xD it was such a let down…it just kind of fizzled…even if one of them went and assassinated The Governor that would’ve been more satisfying!


    1. I know right! As if one of them wouldn’t have just killed him there and then… I mean, he’s not super human or anything so surely one of them could’ve just taken him by surprise and killed him on the spot? The series is sadly losing its grip, which is a shame because it was always one of the best things on TV


      1. Exactly, the guy was holding a gun and standing 4 feet away from him. Just cut your losses and move on.

        Overall I thought season 3 was much better than season 2 and it’s too bad it finished with such a dud. There’s yet another new showrunner for next season so hopefully it will pick up.

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    2. Another new one? Hopefully they’ll pick it up a bit then! Yeah season 3 was definitely more exciting than the second…I loved the addition of Michonne’s character, she’s such a badass! and finally Rick is back to his old self again…but the ending was just…nothingy


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