Smitty3sSmitty is a heartwarming film about the friendship between a boy and his dog. When thirteen year old Ben is taken to court for criminal damage, his struggling single mother is at the end of her tether. The court decides that he must spend three months on his estranged grandfathers farm and Ben is less than impressed. His grandad teaches him some important life lessons and introduces him to his soon to be best friend Smitty, a very well trained farm dog, and Ben turns his life around.

This was a 99p film on iTunes, and although it’s quite a cheesy family film it turned out to be a good find. Anyone that knows me is probably aware of my love of dogs; I’m a sucker for any soppy dog-related film and Smitty, a scruffy farm dog,  is absolutely gorgeous!

Friendship stories with children and dogs never get old or boring, and this film is very similar to the likes of Because of Winn Dixie and A Dog Named Christmas. It’s the perfect kind of lazy-afternoon film that is sure to put a smile on your face. Smitty-1024x576

Child actor Brandon Tyler Russell is either a very good actor or is an annoying little squirt in real life. Either way he played the part of city brat Ben pretty well. I wanted to smack him at the start of the film because he played an irritating, obnoxious little swine so very well! Of course, he turned things around after being taught some important life lessons by his grandfather, played by Peter Fonda, and turned out to be a decent kid.

Smitty ticks all the boxes for an uplifting family film. It’s great fun, it’s warmly funny and the dog is adorable. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and is exactly as you would expect it to be but it’s a nice bit of entertainment for a quiet afternoon in and I have to admit it did bring a lump to my throat!

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