Finding Nemo

finding-nemo-large-pictureFinding Nemo is a 2003 animated adventure-comedy from Pixar, with a fantastic voiceover cast including Ellen Degeneres, Albert Brooks and Brad Garrett.

I will admit yesterday was the first time I’d properly watched Finding Nemo. Shameful I know! But with a sequel (Finding Dory) on the horizon for 2015 I thought I’d better give it a watch!

When his son is captured by divers, reclusive clownfish Marlin sets out on a dangerous journey to find him, accompanied by a forgetful Dory.

Dory completely steals the show and Ellen Degeneres is brilliantly cast. I’m a big Ellen fan anyway, but bias aside she really is the star of the entire film. most of the comedy comes from the scenes of Dory and Marlin as they set out on their quest to find finding-nemoNemoDory is the perfect dippy, forgetful comedy character and without her I honestly think the film would be awful. It’s unusual for any film to be held up by a support part whether it’s animated or live action, but I got the feeling throughout that the whole father-son thing is too predictable that it needed a character like Dory to turn it from something mediocre to something great.

Despite being a decade old now, Finding Nemo still stands as one of the best animated comedies to come out of Pixar and I’m glad that it’s getting the sequel treatment because I’m a sucker for a good animated comedy! In my opinion none of the more recent Pixar films can beat the classics, e.g. Toy Story, and I would definitely put Finding Nemo up there with some of the better Pixar films.

It’s got everything you could possibly want from a family friendly animated film. It’s cute, funny and uplifting and it has the subtle findingnemo460wink and nudge jokes for adults that kids don’t understand, so it’s inclusive of any audience.

I wish I’d seen this film sooner, but good things come to those who wait and this definitely delivered. I’m probably the only person in the world who didn’t watch Finding Nemo ten years ago when it came out, but I’m glad I finally did!


15 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. Amazingly, it took my daughter two years to nag me into watching this one (she had the same problem with Lilo and Stitch) I LOVE Finding Nemo! And yes, Ellen steals the show! Great review mate!!


    1. lol Lilo and Stitch xD used to be one of my favourite films haha!
      I did watch this back when it came out but it was a dodgy pirate DVD and I think it cut out halfway through…either that or the person filming it got kicked out the cinema xD
      Gotta love Ellen!


      1. Yep she rocks! I remember getting so angry when they cancelled her show because she came “out” but there is a God and she came back, bigger and better than ever! 😀


    2. I know! People are stupid -.-
      She’s one of the few talk show hosts I actually enjoy watching…most of them are so annoying.
      I waste so much time watching her on Youtube too… watch one Ellen video and before you know it the whole day’s gone!


  2. Wow! Yeah, can’t believe you’re just seeing this now. It really is a timeless classic. 🙂 Only Pixar seems able to really deliver the timeless animated classics these days – I think Nemo will be loved just as much 30 years from now.


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