Are DVD’s and the Cinema a Thing of the Past?

cinemaThe other day I was having a look online at film times for my local cinema and nearly had a seizure when I saw how much it had gone up to; the VUE is now charging £9.00 for a 2D film in standard seating! I quickly picked my jaw up off the floor and headed to the Odeon website instead, they’re usually cheaper.
I can remember a time when you could get in to the cinema for as little as £3 or £4, and for £10 you could get your cinema ticket and a box of popcorn. Not any more! In the grand scheme of things I’ve not been on this Earth for a particularly long time…so the prices have shot up pretty quickly!
While I’ve been at university the cinema is  luxury that I tend to avoid, and have only been three times in the past several months. So I wasn’t particularly aware of the price of the cinema these days. The Odeon up in Coventry has a £5 Tuesdays deal where all tickets cost just a fiver, so the three times I’ve been have been on a Tuesday.
Now that I’m home for Easter my boyfriend and me felt like going to the cinema, we didn’t really care what we went to see, just DVD_Logo1wanted ‘the cinema experience’ and that was when I nearly passed out with shock.
There is no way in hell I’m paying £9 to see Identity Thief, since that’s the only film on at the moment that either of us care to see.

And that is what got me thinking about the future of the cinema, and also of DVD’s.

If I’m being honest I stream the majority of films that I watch online. I don’t very often buy DVDs and I can’t afford the cinema too often either. If I’m not streaming a film I rent from either iTunes or my local DVD rental.
Streaming has become the norm for a lot of people because the cinema and brand vue_cinemas_thurrocknew DVDs are just way too much money. Even renting has got pretty pricey, with iTunes charging an average of £3.30 for a standard definition film, and about £4.30 if you want to watch it in HD.
Don’t even get me started on the price of brand new DVDs! I almost had to carry my jaw home in a wheel barrow when I was looking at the DVDs in Tesco just a couple of weeks ago…one of the new releases was £15! And it was offering nothing more than the DVD itself…no fancy box, not even a stuffed toy of one of the characters. I forget which film it was, but it was nothing particularly outstanding.

So is it really any wonder that people choose not to go to the cinema and instead would rather sit at home and watch a dodgy pirated version of the film online? The cinema experience is great and all, and don’t get me wrong it would be a shame if cinema’s started shutting down…but I’m not paying nine pounds to watch a film with a bunch of strangers in an uncomfortable chair with just about enough leg room for a toddler. Perhaps it’s one of the curses of having long legs, but halfway through the film I get the urge to stand up and walk around because it’s just so uncomfortable! Odeon_cinema_Harrogate_Redvers

I may just be speaking for myself here but I get the feeling it’s not just me. I only buy cheap DVDs from Amazon or the CEX (Exchange) store, rarely will I spend over £5 on a DVD unless I desperately want it (the last time that happened was when I spotted a lone copy of Tyrannosaur in CEX for £9 and thought I’d better buy it while I had the chance).

So many people choose to stream pirated copies of films online instead of part with money, this is ultimately damaging to the film industry and is just asking for trouble…so why not bring the damn prices down?! I’m pretty sure they’d make more money on their DVDs if they were, say, £10 upon release instead of £15 because more people would be willing to buy them! I know I certainly would.

There will never be a shortage of customers for the film industry, never will people’s interest in cinema die out. Film is one of the few means of escapism that includes everyone…you don’t need to be able to read, or own a fancy computer or the latest game console in order to enjoy them…and there’s a genre out there to suit everyone no matter what their age, class or gender. It appears that the industry is slowly eating itself, and something needs to be sorted out! People will always find a way to watch things for free if the cinema is too expensive, or if new DVDs cost way too much. There needs to be some kind of happy mid-ground that’s not damaging to

And this is where I'm going tonight...
And this is where I’m going tonight…

the film industry…like, say, go back to when cinema tickets didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Despite this rant I’m off to the cinema tonight to finally watch Identity Thief. Scott Cinemas are still reasonably cheap, and although you have to sacrifice some luxury, you’re still watching the same film on a big screen! Fortunately there’s two Scott Cinemas nearby, and by the looks of it, we need only part with just over £4.


12 thoughts on “Are DVD’s and the Cinema a Thing of the Past?

  1. I don’t want to live in a world where cinema is a thing of the past really.

    I’m a member of the cinema I go to and pay a set £15.90 a month to see as many films as I want. So two tickets a month and it pays for itself. I see just about everything that comes out though. It used to be cheaper than that even at around £12 when I first joined.

    I reckon more cinemas should adopt this monthly deal as it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever subscribed to – I get to see any new movie that comes out and even if it’s bad I’ve hardly wasted any money. I’m moving to Australia next month and I’m going to miss how cheap I get my cinema here in the UK lol. Hopefully I can find a similar deal over there.


    1. Yeah I’ve heard about those monthly subscription deals but none of the cinemas near me…either at home in Devon or in Coventry offer it 😦 otherwise I’d sign up straight away!!


  2. I will only go to the cinema if it’s a film I REALLY want to see! Too damned costly, as you’ve pointed out. Streaming is okay, but… You don’t get special features and I adore those. So generally, I’ll buy a blu-ray (which as a rule has more special features) but wait until the price goes down. 😀


    1. yeah true that, although I usually never look at the special features unless there’s outtakes! It should be law for all films to include them…especially horror’s!
      same with the cinema though, I’ll be going to see Iron Man 3 even if it costs me £9 but I usually don’t bother unless I really want to see it. Although I’m going to see Identity Thief tonight which will probably be crap, but Melissa McCarthy makes me laugh till I cry so it will cheer me up if nothing else xD


      1. And what price do we attach to cheering up? Uh…that would be 9 pounds then…LOL I still go to see films at the cinema that I’m “on-the-fence” about. I hope the film is worth it! 😉


      2. Well we’re going to the shabby little cinema in the bottom picture…last time I checked online tickets were £3.99 xD I don’t value my happiness enough to part with £9 fgs! They are really crummy cinemas, the creaky seat types…will probably come out with back ache and a few flea bites but hey ho xD


  3. It’ll go up and down, industry will just have to learn from its mistakes if they start losing money.

    On the cinema side of things the vue can kiss my ass because their prices are ridiculous! I go to Odeon because they are cheaper and if you get those premium cards you can get free tickets and stuff when you save points 😀


    1. Same I avoid the VUE now! When I’m in Coventry there’s only an Odeon but it is so much cheaper! Couldn’t believe that the VUE were charging £9 I nearly passed out!! Ridiculous


  4. Theater prices are insane. If my wife and I want to take my daughter to go see a new Pixar movie or whatever it ends up being almost $70 with tickets and snacks.

    Netflix Instant is great but the quality can be spotty. Renting Blu-rays is the way to go BUT these days they have special “rental” Blu-rays from Netflix that don’t have any special features! So you have to buy it to get everything included on the disc, but I’m not paying $30 for a Blu-ray unless I’m really into the movie.


  5. I also had a major shock when I went to Cineworld and saw that prices had gone up to £9! Crazy, it used to be £3.50 for students, £4.50 for normal only about 4 years ago! They can’t advertise in the cinema that the cinema is dying out ‘and wouldn’t it be a sad world’ when they charge such ridiculous prices. Are the cinemas having to pay more to get hold of the films?? How does that work?
    The cashier dude actually said ‘I think it’s a scheme to get every one to pay for the monthly unlimited card’ that might be true because it promotes loyalty and with the current price of a standard ticket it is a crazy good deal. I pay £15 a month and probably go to the cinema once or twice a week, that’s like a £50 saving each month. Then again I wouldn’t be going to the cinema as much if I didn’t have the card so they also promote actually going…
    Wow didn’t think I would have such a rant, apologies!


    1. I know! they’re all so expensive now! I can’t even get student prices because I haven’t bought an NUS card and my uni ID isn’t accepted! Got some small local cinemas nearby that are still only about £5 but the bigger ones are so expensive!
      They should at least lower the prices of snacks and drinks, people would be more inclined to go to the cinema if it didn’t cost the same as a ticket for a box of popcorn…hopefully they’ll learn one day though!


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