Professional Experience: Independent Short Film Project

obtsnewAfter everything I learned over the past few months at uni about producing short films, I decided to put it to practice and start an independent project myself.

The script can be read here: Screenplay

It’s a good job I thrive when I’m bogged down with work or I might otherwise have collapsed and given up by now! However, it’s not anywhere near as hard or as scary as I thought it would be!

My first step was funding, I’ve sought several ways to fund from offering to do my housemates washing up for a donation to online crowd funding and applying for a grant from a trust fund at my secondary school that’s designed to help students past and present. I actually designed their letter heads back when I did graphic design at GCSE!

Funding is looking promising so far, it’s early days and while we only have a small amount of donations on the indiegogo page at the moment there’s still 50 days left and every little helps! I’m quite resourceful so hopefully I can produce this film on a teeny budget even if we don’t meet our target.

Secondly I set up a crew, and chose to work with the same group I worked with to produce our documentary. We work well as a group, and more importantly we’re all friends which makes it much easier and ultimately great fun! I know I can trust them, and I know they’re a talented group of people all as passionate about producing the film as I am.

To market the film and gain a bit of interest we have a Facebook page and a Twitter account set up as a platform to advertise and try to gather contributors and supporters. I am currently working on some kind of concept art ie. posters and logos, and once all the paper work business is out the way I can crack on with the fun stuff!

I’ve already started sourcing props with the help of my production crew, and have begun contacting people to organise a location for filming. We’ve begun casting via StarNow and have contacted actors and actresses who at the moment seem interested in the project! The part of protagonist ‘Chris’ has been covered by fellow blogger Michael Smith and I currently have several actors for the other parts reading over the script right now!

Weirdly the thing I was most worried about was finding a rifle (which is one of the key props) however it actually turns out my dad has an air gun so that’s that sorted! Another issue is when a vase or another hard object has to be smashed over someone’s head! But I’ve found how to make sugar glass beer bottles so I might give that a go, they’re pretty inexpensive to do!

It’s all very exciting, albeit hard work! But I’ve been living and breathing this damn film for the past few days and it’s coming together quite nicely…I’m determined to make it work.

The Facebook and Twitter pages are here: FacebookTwitter

And the indiegogo campaign is here: Indiegogo

contributions can be made on indiegogo, even as little as £1 if you have something to spare, it’s greatly appreciated!

21 thoughts on “Professional Experience: Independent Short Film Project

  1. Way hey!!! I love to see my name in connection with a role…*sniff* It’s been so long…LOL Great stuff, I will be re-blogging, oh, and the links aren’t working! In the above post I mean. 😀


  2. I can’t provide any funding at the moment as I’m a broke college student. But, this sound epic and I wish you the best of luck getting the proper funds. I hope to one day do a project like this. 🙂


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